Calls For Congressional Investigation Into Ex-Porn Star's Press Credentials

Blogger Takes On M. Sanchez

Gay porn star-cum-solider-cum GOP god Matt Sanchez creeps back into the news today with word that he’s been working for The Weekly Standard in Iraq. While its hardly a surprise that the magazine would use Sanchez as a source, it’s certainly deplorable.

Enraged by Sanchez’ politically-motivated presence in Iraq, conservative blogger Nate Nelson recently penned a lengthy letter to Republican politicos calling for a complete investigation into Sanchez’s journalistic, anti-gay “integrity”:

Mr. Sanchez’ latest outrageous statement, in which he referred to the “shallowness” of the gay and lesbian movement and condemned gays and lesbians as “gay jihadists” who threaten “the country, culture and civilization” is only the latest in a series of extremely controversial remarks that he has made. This pattern of extremism and controversy proves that Mr. Sanchez is unfit to report on the war effort…

Considering how many conservatives want to suck Sanchez’s balls, we’re not sure whether Nelson’s words will make much of a difference.