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Bob Vander Plaats Wants Kids To Be Taught Straightness To Avoid ‘Risky Health Style’

Bob Vander Plaats, the Iowa Family Leader head, in february rebuffed claims that he believed homosexuality was a public health risk, as his minion Chuck Hurley claimed. Hurley, of course, is the head of the Iowa Family Policy Center, which is under the Iowa Family Leader umbrella. But when he claimed gayness was a bigger public health risk than smoking, Vander Plaats refused to get on board. But now we learn Vander Plaats, who led the effort to oust Iowa’s Supreme Court justices, is concerned about the health risks of homosessuality.

At a recent Family Leader campaign stop, Vander Plaats tells ThinkProgress:

When you take a look at it, this isn’t the Family Leader, but say the New York Health Department. They’ve put out an ad basically highlighting all the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle, that you’re this many times more to get this particular disease or this many times more to get this other type of disease. Now, they conclude with “practice safe sex.” But they’re almost taking our talking points. Because anybody, the Journal of Medicine will back us up on this, that this is a risky lifestyle, health risk lifestyle. If we’re teaching the kids, “don’t smoke, because that’s a risky health style,” the same can be true of the homosexual lifestyle. That’s why I think we need to speak the truth once in a while.

In unrelated news, have you heard the dangers of leading a heterosexual lifestyle?