Bollywood Actor Plans To Dispel Gay Rumors In Court By Producing “Intimate Photos” Of Him And Girlfriend

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.24.38 AM“Ayesha has said so many things about me — that I am gay and that we did not have physical relations — and she has left me no choice but to take all these things to the public,” says Bollywood actor Sahil Khan in what has to be the strangest legal twist we can remember.

He’s speaking about Ayesha Shroff, his business partner and alleged lover, who has filed a case against Khan saying that he swindled her out of Rs 5 crore (roughly three quarters of a million U.S. dollars).

Upon initial allegations in November, Khan fired back that the two had been having an affair and that the money was spent by Shroff on Khan. Which makes for one hell of a sugar mama if you ask us.

Shroff, who is married to actor Jackie Shroff, fired back by saying that couldn’t possibly be true because Khan is gay.

Now Khan is demanding a special “in-camera” trial to present evidence of the affair in the form of “intimate” photos of the two.

Speaking to mid-day, Sahil Khan said, “Yes, my lawyer has requested the court to hold an in-camera trial to reveal the truth because there are some intimate pictures of me and Ayesha which we have to show to the court.”

For her part, Ayesha says, “He is trying to sidetrack the fact that he has cheated me and owes me money. There cannot be any personal pictures for the simple reason that there was never a personal relationship. I think his ex-wife was the best person to clarify that. I suggest you write a story on the truth as opposed to cooperating with his vile and disgusting lies.”

Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see about these “intimate photos.” And please, Ayesha, if you have any photos in your possession that prove Khan is gay, feel free to send them over to [email protected].