time warp

Boomer Esiason’s thirsty 1990 Hanes commercial still has us dehydrated after all these years

In 1990, quarterback Boomer Esiason was at the peak of his NFL career, appearing in over 25 commercials, including ones for Diet Coke, Wheaties, Domino’s Pizza, and Reebok.

That August, a 30-second Hanes commercial featuring the sports star aired on Turner Network Television during a broadcast of the movie Signpost to Murder.

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In the long-forgotten TV spot, Esiason models a pair of whitey tightys while talking about how he loves “the fit and feel of Hanes underwear” after being in his tight-fitting football uniform all day.

Since his days in the NFL, Esiason has shown himself to be a great ally to LGBTQ+ athletes and sports industry professionals.