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Boston’s Catholic Schools Won’t Block Gay Parents’ Kids From Daily Brainwashing

After Boston’s Archbishop Seán Patrick O’Malley back in May stepped in to prevent Catholic schools from kicking out gay kids, or rather the kids of gay parents, the Archdiocese of Boston has released a new policy that promises admissions officers won’t discriminate based on sexuality orientation. There is a small loophole in the policy, which allows for decisions to also be made in “the best interest of the child,” whatever that means. Moreover, the new rules will not, however, let gay parents off the hook entirely; they must still “must accept and understand that the teachings of the Catholic Church are an essential and required part of the curriculum.” Which means gay parents who send their kids to Catholic schools volunteer to have their children taught that when the school bus drops them off at home that afternoon, they’ll be returning to a den of sin. Win for everyone?

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