Botched Date Results In Racist Tantrum

A bad internet date turned into a nightmare for Abdulrahman Almoayed.

The Scotland based man had met 59-year old Alan Wiseman on Gaydar, invited him over, but ultimately didn’t hook up with him because, as he says, Wiseman was much older than he claimed online. Perhaps that’s why Wiseman ended up sending him racist, homophobic messages:

After the disastrous rendezvous, the pair exchanged one more e-mail and then stopped contact.

But a month later, Mr Almoayed’s flatmate received a letter containing graphic and offensive sexual abuse, which he realised was directed at his friend.

Although shocked and upset by the insults, they ignored the letter.

Two days later, when Mr Almoayed logged on to a Gaydar chatroom, he was met with another tirade – this time with racial insults thrown in among the sexual jibes.

Throughout the following weeks, each time either Mr Almoayed or his flatmate logged on, they were subjected to homosexual and racist abuse, each time from the same user. “edin23john”.

The pair eventually reported the matter to police, and Wiseman was traced through the internet service provider.

Wiseman, who has done this before, must serve 200 hours of community service. We hope they don’t put him near anyone of color lest he reveal his dark side again.