Boy George Has Basically Given Up

Boy George is trying to have a comeback, but even he knows he’ll never return to royalty: “No, I haven’t been anywhere and my expectations are much lower than they used to be. I just want to get back to making records and touring. It’s not an attempt to reclaim my pop crown.”

Realistic expectations: The one thing you learn from prison. Or kidnapped escorts.

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  • The Artist

    Is it not a bad thing to have low expectations. He needs to reinvent himself. Time 4 a new direction. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • gomez

    yes, i clicked “fail”

  • AlwaysGay

    Boy George has lost a lot of weight since he left jail. He can still sing great so I hope he can have success still. According to one of the “You might like” stories Boy had nothing but postive things to say about Adam Lambert and visa versa when they met the other day.

  • Jon

    wishes Mr. O’Dowd would just go away & take George Michael with him.

  • Qjersey

    His mid 90’s stuff was fantastic. Bit more rock n roll and lots of fun.

  • scott ny'er

    that second article says he’s only concentrating on his music and not a Culture Club reunion. Which is too bad. I adored his repetitive yet catchy Culture Club songs. Karma Chameleon… a classic.

  • terrwill

    The two Georgies should dig up their former mates and regroup both bands Wham and Culture Club and tour together. Would be a big old Gay fest……..

    And as an added bonus, One could get lot of chuckles out of the term “new release” refering to an album of the tour or their release from their latest prison stints………… : p

  • Luxury

    This site seems like it’s run by a bunch of tired and bitter queens. Every headline and post is filled with tired reads and sarcasm… ugh…

  • Tommy

    George lost weight in jail, but since he’s been out. He’s gained it all back. I’ve seen youtube interviews of him promoting his dreadful new song and he’s as fat as ever! So don’t lie!
    His voice is pretty much shot now, so he really can’t sing anymore either.
    I doubt George actually likes Adam Lambert. He is just saying that to get a little bit of publicity. Trying to latch on to Adam’s fame.
    I really liked Culture Club and also his mid 90’s rock influenced work though. Both at least had some originality to them. But his current work is really tired 90’s house/circuit party music. I hate how the music industry thinks gay men only like tired house remixes!

    He needs to get back to either CC or his rock stuff.
    Or maybe CC could do a rock album. The drummer and George’s ex-boyfriend used to be in Clash and the Damned

  • Gene


    Why do you think Boy George doesn’t like Adam? George is honest and open. I really doubt he would have tweeted these things if he didn’t like Adam.

    “Adam Lambert is lovely, we met tonite. He’s a beauty! And very normal in the best possible sense. Merha club was s**te. Adam was the highlight!”

    “With Adam at my party at some dreadful nightclub which pales into significance against meeting Mr Lambert!”

    “He was great, adorable and I felt very relaxed talking to him. Beautiful eyes!”

  • Tommy

    How could George even know even of Adam’s music? Adam’s music isn’t known in England!
    Get real. George is just saying that hoping he can get some of Adam’s fans. George is very phony, who will do anything to get famous again Are you that naive? It’s all celebrity phoniness. George will say whatever he can to repair his reputation which has been destroyed by his bitching and his crimes.
    But thank God it didn’t work. George’s new single flopped in England and didn’t make the charts there.

  • scott ny'er

    @Tommy: maybe he heard Adam on youtube and met Adam at some celeb thingy.

    “Amazing Grace” (which is actually a pretty good song IMO) hit #11 after 1 week on the BBC Indie Chart. That’s more than I would expect. I didn’t think he chart anywhere at all.

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