Philadelphia Refuses To Budge On Eviction

Boy Scouts Better Start Packing

It’s all over for Philadelphia’s Boy Scouts of America.

The organization refused to renegotiate its anti-gay policies and will now definitely face eviction from their tax-subsidized headquarters. We’ve been covering this story for some time now, but we’re consistently impressed with the Scouts’ tenacity. Consider this quote from national spokesman Gregg Shields,

Since we were founded, we believe that open homosexuality would be inconsistent with the values that we want to communicate with our leaders. A belief in God is also mentioned in the Scout oath. We believe that those values are important. Tradition is important. Our mission is to instill those values in scouts and help them make good choices over their lifetimes.

Yeah, well, your “good choices” have made you homeless. We’d rather be a sinning cocksucker with a roof over our – um – heads, than a homeless wimp who refuses to evolve.

And our mother wonders why we loathed our brief Boys adventure.