Brad Goreski And Partner Gary Janetti Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

Being a Bravo star means that you must promote your private moments with loved ones on national television. So thus Brad Goreski is fulfilling his contractual obligations to throw a 10-year anniversary party with his partner Gary Janetti.

In the preview clip above, Brad decided to take the day off and get a mani-pedi while Gary freaks the f**k out around the house. Gary has been tasked with preparing their L.A. estate for for the soiree, and he blathers on at length about making sure each and every room has been “art directed.”

No offense to Janetti, but you cannot “art direct” a bathroom, no matter how opulent your manse is.

Anyway, congrats to Brad and Gary! Ten years is big.

If you want to see more of Brad and Gary, watch it tonight at 10pm EST (9pm central) on Bravo.