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Brandon Myers “other leg”! Sharon Needles catfight! Sleazy places to put sandwiches! Wait, what?

In the kaleidoscopically camp new video for “Battle Axe,” Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O’Hara pay homage to the opulently campy excesses of Dynasty, particularly those brilliantly choreographed catfights between Crystal and Alexis:

Now compare to the original:

On the heels of his new single “Pray,” Sam Smith has announced the title of his new album (The Thrill of It All); its release date (November 3rd), and when tickets for his summer tour will go on sale (October 12).

Have at it:

Well, this happened. A video featuring an unnamed disco denizen has racked up over 91.000 views in one day. Why? A hearty chicken sandwich and ample cleavage. Enjoy:


Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Robin Campillo’s moving, enraging BPM pays homage to the Paris chapter of the ’90s ACT UP movement during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

Check out the trailer here: 

Reality star and never-not-nude personality Brandon Myers confidently refers to his penis as his third leg.

He jokingly tells The Sun his fellow Broman contestants were simply agog at the girth of his very manly business.

“When I was showering I think everyone was jaw-droppingly jealous. The girls were jealous. All the boys were mesmerized. Wowed by it. It was the talk of Ancient Rome….

“My briefs didn’t really fit. I call it my other leg a lot. It is my other leg. I’d like to give it quite a cool name.”

Cooler than My Other Leg? Not unless there’s a miracle worker in the house.

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