BREAKING: GLAAD Announces New President

familyshotSarah Kate Ellis, an award-winning media exec and communications strategist who appeared on the cover of Time with her wife in April, has been named GLAAD’s new CEO and president, the watchdog organization announced today. Ellis (pictured right with wife Kristen Henderson and their children) will take over in January from Dave Montez, who assumed the role of acting president when Herndon Graddick stepped down in May.

“GLAAD’s unparalleled history in shifting American beliefs on LGBT families paved the way for our recent legal victories and will be instrumental in inspiring more and more Americans to stand with LGBT people and our families,” Steve Warren, National Co-Chair of GLAAD’s Board of Directors, said in a statement. “We are excited to welcome Sarah Kate at a time when our community needs more of GLAAD’s work in the media to share the stories that create real change.”

o-TIME-GAY-MARRIAGE-570Ellis, a longtime outspoken advocate for LGBT equality, has already amassed an impressive media profile. With her wife she co-wrote a memoir in 2011 titled Times Two, Two Women in Love and the Happy Family They Made. Among other achievements, the couple was featured on Time magazine’s “Gay Marriage Already Won” cover and were the subjects of The Huffington Post’s three-part documentary web series titled Here Come The Brides.

“While our community has made great strides in recent years, our movement has an important and critical journey ahead,” Ellis said in statement released to the media today. “Together with our dedicated staff, I will push for a culture where everyone in the LGBT community is fully welcomed and respected by our neighbors. I look forward to leading GLAAD and creating a world where LGBT people and our families have the freedom to joyously — and openly — live a life they love.”

In case you need a reminder of the impact made on our culture by the good folks at GLAAD, watch the video below.

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  • jimbryant

    I don’t agree with Sarah’s appointment. I don’t think women truly understand male homosexuality. Women have also had it much easier than men on the issue of homosexuality.

    GLAAD has lost any credibility it might once have had. It appears to have become a fake-gay-advocacy organization intent on celebrity shin digs and now this female appointment.

  • 2eo

    @jimbryant: Wouldn’t it be great if you ate a bucket of glass.

  • jimbryant


    Wouldn’t it be great if you addressed my criticisms rather than repeat asinine diatribes that have been recited before?

    Maybe you just don’t want to admit that what I’m saying is true.

    Let me repeat it for you: women do NOT understand male homosexuality or sexuality in general. They are in it for themselves as a gender. They use sexuality as a marketing ploy to obtain an advantage over men, including gay men.

    The choice of Sarah as head of GLAAD is disastrous and will hasten the end of GLAAD as a credible organization.

  • JimmyJames

    While the “bucket of glass” comment made me laugh out loud, on a more serious note…do you even know what GLAAD is? What it does? What the hell does being male or female have to do with being a media savvy watchdog who calls out our foes and recognizes our allies? Just how woudl YOU get an organization like GLAAD to wield the voice and power that can initiate change as it does? Celebrities are role models whose every move is paid attention to by the great unwashed. If they vocally stick up for us….we’re that much closer to getting the ignorant bigots to stop hating and start accepting.

  • 2eo

    @jimbryant: I read it just fine, but as you are worthless it doesn’t matter what you think or say.

    Simple really, you post from the same IP a recently removed imbecile called Avenger. Ergo you are them, ergo you matter not.

  • vklortho

    @jimbryant: But men completely understand female homosexuality?

  • jimbryant


    Female homosexuals are still females. They have a uterus, hormones and the ability to bear a child, just like any other woman. Like all women, they also use their sexuality as a marketing ploy to obtain advantages.

    All women, regardless of their sexual orientation, are capable of having sex with a man. That’s because a woman does not need to be aroused to have sex. Women don’t have a penetrating sexual organ. Only men have that.

    Thus, it is very easy for a woman to fake her interest in sex.

  • the other Greg

    @jimbryant: “Thus, it is very easy for a woman to fake her interest in sex.”

    Oh, now I see your problem – you saw a certain “Seinfeld” episode too often! Yeah, that Elaine is such a b1tch!

    Last time I checked, gay men can also fake our interest in sex, if we’re on the bottom in anal sex.

  • JimmyJames

    What the hell are people talking about? GLAAD’s mission has NOTHING to do with male or female sex! Obviously JIMBRYANT hates his mother.

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