BREAKING: Was Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik Gay?

Today at the trial of confessed Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik, former friends indicated they believed the mass murderer might be gay.

In July 2011, Breivik, 33, set off a bomb in central Oslo that killed eight people and then went on a shooting spree on the island of Utoya that took an additional 69 lives.

The witnesses, who were not named in press reports, claimed the right-wing extremist’s  life “fell apart” after a failed relationship with woman he met on the Internet. “That was perhaps his last attempt at dating a girl like the other boys did,” one woman claimed.

Another friend, a lawyer in Norway’s Ministry of Defense, suggested Breivik was a homosexual because he was neat and obsessed with his appearance. “He used make-up powder, those kinds of things, and he explained that as being ‘metrosexual’. He made reference to David Beckham being that at the time.”

Of course these ex-buddies, who lost touch with Breivik after he moved back in with his mother in 2006, also said his online gambling addiction and World of Warcraft habit were to blame for his sorry state.


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  • Lefty

    So according to one woman, he tried dating women but failed?
    I’m guessing this may have been because he’s F*CKING NUTS!!!
    And our other star witness is a man who thinks he was gay because he was neat and well-dressed.

    Case closed!
    Breivik is a flamer!!!

  • J.

    In what way does this effect the fact that he is a fucking lunatic?

  • MikeE

    oh my god!!!

    *I* play World of Warcraft!!!
    Quick lock me up before I kill a bunch of people!


  • tallskin2

    This is good old fashioned homophobia. Here we have an obvious nutjob, therefore he must be gay

    The old “Hitler was gay” stories are exactly the same shit

  • Edward

    How can “his life fall apart because of a woman” – and he be gay?

    And how does any of this nonsense take away from the fact that he is a killer?

    Sounds like complete malarkey.

  • Camerado

    Why the past tense: “Was Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik Gay”? Breivik is still alive and, if gay, still gay.

  • Steve

    Um, is he dead?

    Since I’m pretty sure he isn’t, the headline “WAS Norwegian mass killer…” is just bad journalism.

    The number of inaccuracies and poor “reporting” on Queerty is embarrassing.

  • Mike

    THis is being blown up in the media due to sloppy reporting, including here on Queerty. “Friends” of his didn’t say he was gay, one “friend” said it he/she thought he might be gay.

  • Derek

    Since this nutjob is not deceased and very much alive and on trial, why are you asking WAS he gay?

  • Martin

    That trial is a farce. It goes into details that are wholly unnecessary to establish his guilt or if he was schizophrenic. Why was it necessary to reconstruct his killing spree on Utoya?? Why do they interview all those survivors??? He admitted the killings FFS! He called the police himself!!!
    The trial is part of a norwegian masspsychosis which is of course understandable under the circumstances. In this state of collective psychosis all kinds of silly projections are made. How the fuck is his relationship to women or men relevant???? People dont turn into fascists because of a failed relationship or online computergaming. These are symptoms of something deeper. Not causes or there would be thousands of cases like his…

    This is homophobia projected into Breivik from people outside because they think gays are suspect. Wearing makeup is parallel to suicide victims dressing up. He counted on being killed as a real possibility. He wanted to make a demonstration so he dressed up. Big deal

  • nikz

    ugh….i’m so tired of seeing this guy’s face in the news literally EVERY day for almost a year now….

    he’s got a feminine high-pitch voice, he’s very carefull about his looks….
    he likes to dress up in formal wear..and he’s very articulate..that’s all i know…….
    A friend of his said he MIGHT be gay..

    gay or not…i fucking hate this guy with all my heart!


  • jason

    These attitudes to Brevik prove how backward Norwegians really are. Are they really so stupid to believe that a man is gay because of a failed relationship with a woman?

  • pastol

    “…because he was neat and obsessed with his appearance.”

    OMG! Mitt Romney! John Edwards! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The POTUS! They are ALL gay!!!!!!!!

  • B

    No. 12 · jason wrote, “These attitudes to Brevik prove how backward Norwegians are.”

    Let’s see. A few Norwegians say something a bit odd if not downright dumb and Jason takes that as being representative of all Norwegians. I might have added a sarcastic “good thinking” but the person it applies to just might take that literally.

  • RB

    This is a ridiculous stretch. It seems the “Gay Villain” that is obligatory in Hollywood films and TV is coming to life! “If he’s evil, he must be gay!” hmm…..

  • MKisNE

    If he was gay he was exactly the type that all the anti gay people want us to be. Deny deny deny and just pretend to be straight. He isn’t gay or straight at this point, he is a mass murderer and it’s all he can ever be.

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    Gawd, some times I hate straight people. What else can you do when STFU isn’t an option anymore…Just another random opinion, yep.



  • Dean

    That is ridiculous to think he might be gay because he couldn’t have a relationship with a woman. he probably couldn’t have cared for a pet either. This man broke from reality long ago to become the cold psychopath he is today.

  • dvlaries

    suggested Breivik was a homosexual because he was neat and obsessed with his appearance.<<
    Sounds like they're used to watching "The Outing" episode of Seinfeld a lot over there.

  • What the f**k

    I Do hope so,you can never have too many gay serial killers-it’s just a shame they haven’t unearthed any pedophilic tendencies…and not a whiff of cannibalism!..oh well.

  • Subhankar Zac

    Whether Breivik was gay or not, But if these kinds of homophobic rants continues, There will b one and the possibility of that person being me, is very plausible!
    And its about time that people should rise with violence n return the favor of hate to others!
    bombing, killings, why should we face it?
    its time for them to do the same!

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