BREAKING: Washington State Has Enough Votes To Pass Gay Marriage!

Good news from the Northwest: state Senator Mary Margaret Haugen has come out in support of the gay-marriage bill, which fulfills the 25 yes votes needed to pass the measure, reports the AP.

In a written statement, Sen. Haugen said she took extra time to make a decision on the vote in order “to reconcile my religious beliefs with my beliefs as an American, as a legislator, and as a wife and mother who cannot deny to others the joys and benefits I enjoy. This is the right vote and it is the vote I will cast when this measure comes to the floor.”

If the bill passes in this session of the legislature, which it will because the House, the Senate, and Gov. Chris Gregoire all support the measure, gays will be able to wed by June—unless opponents file a referendum to oppose it. They would need to turn in 120,577 signatures by July 6 to do that.