Brendan Jordan Takes Down His Homophobic Haters With Advice We Should All Follow

When video of young Brendan Jordan vogueing in the background of a Las Vegas news report went viral last month, the 15-year-old became an instant mini-sensation, landing an American Apparel modeling gig and a much-discussed appearance on Queen Latifah’s talk show. It’s natural that along with such exposure for a gay boy who calls himself a queen and identifies with Lady Gaga comes intense scrutiny, but Jordan’s also faced brutal criticism about perpetuating stereotypes.

It’s refreshing to learn that Jordan is so confident and self-aware that he gives not one fuck about all the nasty hatred from anonymous internet trolls. Well, maybe he gives half a fuck since he filmed a video to respond to some of the more vile tweets he’s read about himself.

“If you don’t like this, you can click the X button,” Jordan suggests. Those are some words to live by.

Watch Jordan take down the haters below.