Hollywood Hotshot Brett Ratner Has A (Sorta) Gay Past

Director Brett Ratner’s best known for his slew of box office hits, such as X-Men: The Last Stand and the Rush Hour franchise, but there’s plenty you don’t know about him – and may not want to know…

The Rush Hour franchise gets a new installment this weekend with the third installment, which takes stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to gay Paris.

Like so many action comedies, this flick’s not without its seemingly anti-gay humor. One scene, which The Advocate‘s Paul Pratt highlights in his interview with Ratner, involves Tucker discovering his “woman” possesses a penis. Needless to say he’s not so keen on the idea. Ratner defends the scene, saying such mix-ups have all too often – and, what’s more, he got his first blowie from a bloke:

BR: [That scene’s] from my personal experience. My first blow job was from a man, but I didn’t know it was a man. That’s where that comes from. It’s based on personal experience. It happens to a lot of people.

PP: Is that common knowledge?

BR: No! Well, among my friends, but I’m not homophobic or uptight about it. That happens to a lot of heterosexuals. You meet a girl in a bar, and it turns out she’s not a girl. I think a girl should tell you if she’s a girl or a man–that way it’s your preference. It’s comedy.

In addition to defending the movie’s dubious sense of humor, Ratner also gets a little lesson on gay speak:

BR: So, during my last gay interview, the guy was on the Internet and said, “I’m looking at you right now, and you’re a bear.”What’s a bear?

PP: For starters, it means you’re hairy.

BR: There’s no hair on my ass. I have no hair on my balls. So why am I a bear?

Ug, we now officially know way too much about Brett Ratner.