Brian Brown Has To Turn To Russian Radio To Complain About Rose Parade Marriage

nom_logo_brian_brownThe market for homophobia in the U.S. clearly isn’t what it used to be. That’s why Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), took to the Voice of Russia radio to rant about the marriage of a gay couple on a Rose Parade float on New Year’s Day. Apparently, exporting hate is his strongest line of business.

In the radio interview, Brown provided the usual mix of whine and slime to which we’ve grown accustomed. His chief complaint is children are being brainwashed into thinking being gay is normal and that people like Brown are bigots.

Wherever could they get such ideas?

“All along, we’ve been hearing from activists who support same-sex marriage, ‘Hey, if we redefine marriage, it won’t have any effect on you, this is about loving individuals, what they decide to do, it will have no effect on you,’” Brown complained. “Well, lo and behold, it has to be shoved in the face of families — many of whom voted to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman – on a float at a family event.”

Yes, we wouldn’t want anyone to think that a wedding was a family event. Especially children.

“In America, we can disagree over key issues, but the idea that you would target children and make this about using a family event to sort of indoctrinate kids, that’s just wrong,” Brown said.

Brown may have given up on the U.S. as a hopeless case. But do we really want the U.S. to be known as a net exporter of toxic waste, particular to Russia, where it is already so plentiful?