Brian Brown Thinks “Nakedness Trumps Sincerity” When It Comes To Transgender Students

Realizing that its lost the marriage equality battle, the National Organization for Marriage keeps looking for new revenue streams. The latest has been fundraising around an effort to overturn a California law protecting transgender students. Unsurprisingly, NOM president Brian Brown can be just as offensive when dealing with transgender issues as he is with marriage equality, celebrating the “bathroom backlash” against the law.

In his fundraising pitch, Brown demonstrates his invincible ignorance, completely rejecting the idea that transgender people exist. In his words, “Nakedness trumps sincerity. I do not want a naked boy in front of a young girl in the shower or bathroom even if he sincerely identifies as a girl.”

And of course, Brown insists that the bigots are the real victims here. “How can we claim that this will decrease bullying, when forcing boys and girls to share bathrooms IS bullying?”

Meanwhile, as if you needed a reminder about the real victims here, a transgender Colorado teen targeted by a religious right group for using the girls’ bathroom, has been placed on suicide watch. Pacific Justice Institute wrote to the school complaining that the student, Jane Doe, is harassing other girls at her school by using the same bathroom. Jane’s family has decided she needed immediate professional attention.

So you decide: who’s the bully? The kid who has had a legal group come after her to make a point (and raise money) or the legal group that denies her existence.

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  • GlitterKidder


  • Chris

    This man and group have blood on their hands.

  • queerty1958

    @Chris: Some of them probably have another man’s semen on their hands as well. He also sounds like one of those “Christians” with a persecution complex.

  • bigomega73

    I sincerely think that some of these groups are really just businessmen/women looking to make an easy buck off exploiting people’s prejudices. Some of their reasoning and logic defies logic itself and seem like half-hearted attempts at justifying their actions. In fact, why the hell don’t WE create a ridiculous anti-gay hate group to pump the real bigoted homophobes of all their donation dollars, while acting so ridiculously vile and hate-filled that we’d actually end up turning the tide of public opinion in favor of LGBT rights. Kind of like an undercover Westboro Baptist Church

  • TheFabulousThomasJ

    Anyone else notice how much Brian Brown looks like the late Chris Farley?

  • Eiswirth

    The Brian Browns of the world are obsessed with sex, in any form. Apparently the planet would implode if boys and girls saw each other naked. The horror! Why do facts, or the truth or nudity scare the Brownies so much? God forbid children should see each other as they are. They might go home and ask their parents questions, and we can’t have that!

  • MinnieCopas

    as Clarence replied I am alarmed that a student able to make($)8920 in a few weeks on the internet. look at this now,,,

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