Britain Is Actively Looking for a Few Good Queers to Guard Queen Elizabeth


Ya know how some American senior military officials don’t want gays serving the country because they are a security risk? (But white supremacists are not?) Well at least one country recognizes that theory is bunk: Britain. Not only is Scotland Yard open to LGBTs joining the ranks that protect the Queen, but it’s actively seeking them out.

Police there want to add some 30 new officers to Scotland Yard’s “elite” SO14 unit, which is charged with protecting the Queen and other royals. So they posted an ad specifically asking LGBTs to apply for the jobs. Naturally, some are furious, and some are delighted, and you know which type of people fall into those categories. But let’s be sure: Just because you’re gay or trans doesn’t mean the job is yours. It’s based on merit. They just want to add a couple of queers to the job pool.

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  • ThatguyFromBoston

    Who better to protect the Queen than a queen?

  • Puck

    It’s more along the lines of the fact that queers are less likely to require unplanned leave of absence. Children are planned, normally they have fewer familial attachments and are capable of lying and concealing the truth easier than straights.

  • dgz

    @Puck: …and they can guard women with less creep factor. that’s why they used to have eunuch guards for harems.

    but better liars than straights? can you back that up with some evidence?

  • Abbie

    I’m surprised to see EII holding her own umbrella.

  • Jason


    I aspirated coffee when I read that.

    Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  • ThatguyFromBoston

    I’m surprised that she’s holding that cheap plastic piece of shit.
    @ Jason, you’re welcome.

  • HiredGoons

    I would assume it’s based on a ‘well, they won’t sexually assault her’ philosophy – but then, who would?

  • Puck

    Most gay men(those most likely to be involved in military and police work) at some point were closeted. They have led dual identities and are adept in concealing facts about their lives. Due to societal shame about sexuality and the process of self-identifying, labelling and coming out with their sexuality, they are less likely to be as ashamed or as selfconcious of what they do in bed. Harder to blackmail, also because of the stereotype of promiscuity associated with our community, if such a scandal were to arise its easier to spin to media.

  • Thom


    are you kidding me? every hear of granny porn?

  • J. Clarence

    That is possibly the cutest picture of Queen Elizabeth in the history of ever!

    It’s somewhat strange that they are actively seeking out gay folks, it’s like affirmative action on steroids.

  • mk

    You guy are missing that the unit is charged with protecting the Queen AND OTHER ROYALS. That means they protect male royals as well as little old ladies.

    This just looks like an honest attempt to increase diversity in a professional area.

  • Jason

    A socialist plot in all actuality.

  • Mary Taylor

    The reason for the recruitment is due to under representation
    the only people so far to be ‘up in arms’ about it has been a few very conservative uk newspapers. otherwise, no one cares

  • Sam

    @J. Clarence: That’s what I was thinking. Well, that and “why’s she got an umbrella out when it’s not raining?” But mostly, CUTE!

  • strumpetwindsock


    Actually she drives her own land rover. I don’t think she needs anyone to hold her umbrella.

  • ksu499

    It may be cheap plastic, but it matches her outfit. And if I were younger (and a subject of the Queen), I would so join the Yard.

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