Britain Is Actively Looking for a Few Good Queers to Guard Queen Elizabeth


Ya know how some American senior military officials don’t want gays serving the country because they are a security risk? (But white supremacists are not?) Well at least one country recognizes that theory is bunk: Britain. Not only is Scotland Yard open to LGBTs joining the ranks that protect the Queen, but it’s actively seeking them out.

Police there want to add some 30 new officers to Scotland Yard’s “elite” SO14 unit, which is charged with protecting the Queen and other royals. So they posted an ad specifically asking LGBTs to apply for the jobs. Naturally, some are furious, and some are delighted, and you know which type of people fall into those categories. But let’s be sure: Just because you’re gay or trans doesn’t mean the job is yours. It’s based on merit. They just want to add a couple of queers to the job pool.