Britney Goes Gay?

Despite the fact that she hasn’t released an album in years, Britney Spears again lands an OK! magazine cover this month. And, from the looks of it, lil Brit’s getting a little lesbianic. Not only do sources say the pop-star got down and funky with her female assistant, Shannon Funk:

Britney’s quick tryst with Matt Encinias made headlines, but the music-video extra wasn’t the real target of Brit’s affection that night. OK! has learned that Britney spent the evening topless, nuzzling up to her former assistant Shannon Funk! “Instead of hooking up with him, [Shannon] ended up back in Brit’s room and bed,” a source tells OK!. Britney has been experimenting with girls since her teen years. She even put the moves on porn queen Jenna Jameson. “Jenna told me that Britney hit on her and that she hooks up with girls,” says adult-movie actress Tera Patrick.

Britney’s obviously got better taste in women than she does in men…