Barney Frank Reminds Mitt Romney Of “The Great Energy He Has Put Into Evading” His Own Income Taxes

Mitt Romney’s attack on the moral character of disabled veterans, elderly and disabled Social Security recipients, and hard-working Americans in low-wage jobs because they do not pay income taxes is especially galling given the great energy he has put into evading income taxes on his very high income. Many of those whom Mr. Romney impugns pay a significant portion of their income in payroll taxes which support Social Security and Medicare. And until Mr. Romney stops hiding his own tax records, we can speculate that those people pay a higher percentage of their income in these taxes than Mr. Romney does on his foreign accounts, tax shelters, and other evasive devices. What Mr. Romney has done is to make clear – although he had not intended to be so public about it – the philosophical rationale behind efforts of the Romney-Ryan ticket to weaken the Social Security and Medicare safety nets.”

— Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) criticizes Mitt Romney’s comments at a private fundraiser about nearly half of Americans not paying income taxes via Facebook .

Photos: World Economic Forum & WEBN-TV

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  • bywaterdog

    Gov. Romney pays little or no taxes,this makes him a smart businessman.

    I pay little or no taxes,this makes me a government parasite?

    Such is life, Romney was born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth. Alas me,only born with a Plastic Spork in mine.

  • Aidan8

    @bywaterdog: At least your spork won’t tarnish… thus no need for house-staff for polishing! ;)

  • MikeE

    Which continues to amply demonstrate the disconnect, the incredible chasm, there is between the grotesquely wealthy in American society, and the rest of the population.

  • Rob

    Why? Will his taxes show how Brian Terry was killed with guns supplied by the Obama Regime? Why on earth anybody gives a crap what Bawney “There is no housing bubble” Fwank says is beyond me. A jackass who quits congress before the corruption scandals eat him alive ought to have sense enough to keep his cake hole shut.

  • jmmartin

    If you’d screw the IRS, you’d screw the American people. Of course, as Will Rogers once observed, the IRS has made liars out of all.

  • Rob


    You may be right, jmmartin.

    “A new report just out from the Internal Revenue Service reveals that 36 of President Obama’s executive office staff owe the country $833,970 in back taxes. These people working for Mr. Fair Share apparently haven’t paid any share, let alone their fair share.

    Previous reports have shown how well-paid Obama’s White House staff is, with 457 aides pulling down more than $37 million last year. That’s up seven workers and nearly $4 million from the Bush administration’s last year.

    Nearly one-third of Obama’s aides make more than $100,000 with 21 being paid the top White House salary of $172,200, each.

    The IRS’ 2010 delinquent tax revelations come as part of a required annual agency report on federal employees’ tax compliance. Turns out, an awful lot of folks being paid by taxpayers are not paying their own income taxes.

    The report finds that thousands of federal employees owe the country more than $3.4 billion in back taxes. That’s up 3% in the past year.” -Investor’s Business Daily

  • Freddie27

    @Rob: Why don’t you go back to World Nut Daily? I’ve heard they have a new document showing the President is the secret love child of Marilyn Monroe and Khruschev!

  • Rob

    @Freddie27: Not familiar, Freddie. What’s wrong? Did your frustration with blatant liberal hypocrisy drive you to this weak response? Doesn’t ThinkPropaganda have a piece proving it wrong?

  • NateOcean

    @Rob: I wasn’t aware that George W. Bush was running for President. Overpaid Whitehouse staff under Obama pale in comparison to eight years of the disastrous Bush regime:

    1) 9/11 Attacks
    2) Illegal war in Iraq
    3) Illegal war in Afghanistan
    4) World-wide economic collapse.


  • Cam


    Rob….what…oh WAIT, THATS RIGHT! You have to say or do anything to distract from the fact.

    Romney refused to turn over taxes. His GOP primary opponents attacked him for it, he finally turned over…NOT two years, as people claim, but one year and one estimate. The one year he did turn over is from the time he was actively running for president and knew of course he was under scrutiny.

    What he didn’t do is turn over the 8 to 20 years that previous candidates, INCLUDING ROMNEY’S OWN FATHER turned over.

    Additionally, Romney’s own father also said that you had to turn over multiple years because too much could be hidden if you just turned over one or two.

    So is Romney calling his father a liar?

  • Rob

    @Cam: “You have to say or do anything to distract from the fact.”

    Yeah, that is a distraction. Let’s talk about why the WH lied about the embassy attack. Let’s talk about the SCOAMF’s foreign policy, what is it again? Let’s talk about the “net spending cut” the SCOAMF promised. Let’s talk about why there hasn’t been a budget passed in several years. Let’s talk about the government waste he promised to cut. Let’s talk about his college transcripts. I can go on, if you want.

  • Rob

    @NateOcean: “World-wide economic collapse”.

    I wasn’t aware Bush was responsible for the liberal nanny states of Spain, Greece, Portugal etc. Nor was I aware that he pushed the Community Reinvestment Act. Sure wasn’t aware that Bush not only pushed, 17 times, to reign in Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac whilst at the same time working hard in Congress to oppose doing so. I just didn’t know Bush was President AND chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Didn’t know that it was Bush who got his boyfriend an executive job at Fannie Mae. Didn’t know he steered $12 million in federal funds to OneUnited bank in Boston.

    Thanks for the info, Nate. /sarc off.

  • Rob

    And so Romney releases his tax info. Last year he gave almost 30% of his income to charity. We also find out that in the past 20 years, he’s given 90x more to charity than Joe Bigot gave in the 10 years prior to his nomination. If I recall correctly, Romney also has about 30 years of unpaid service to the public. Can the SCOAMF and Bigot claim the same?

    Maybe Romney wasn’t releasing his tax info because it further makes the liberals look like the worthless jackasses they are?

    BTW, I would remind Bawney Fwank that we STILL don’t have any evidence that Harry Reid is not a pederast. Good job, libtards. You set out yet another bag of excrement and you step all over it yourselves.

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