Brokeback, Vermont

Brokeback Mountain Vermont License Plate

A “group” of Vermont activists were so taken by Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain that they want to actually name a mountain after the location where Ennis penetrated Jack. Since the original mountain was fictional (located in the Wyoming of Annie Proulx’s imagination) and the film was shot in Canada, there really is no reason why Brokeback couldn’t exist in Vermont, or really, anywhere else. The activists, led by the mysterious “John” are collecting e-signatures for their e-petition on their website, so go support “them” if you don’t think “they” are totally nuts. Please note the use of quotations to indicate our doubt that anyone other than “John” is really on board.

Vermonter Starts Petition To Name Mountain ‘Brokeback’ [NBC10] [“John”‘s official website]