And Hilarious!

Brownback’s Anti-Gay Baptists Are Psycho!

The politically-devoted folk over at Baptists for Brownback (as in anti-gay presidential hopeful Sam Brownback) must win Box Turtle Bulletin’s righteous, riotous LaBarbera Award for this letter to their “gentle readers”:

Last night one of our astute members sent me the link to a disturbing article written by “Joe” at a blog called Joe.My.God. Joe, as it would seem, enjoys a semi-celebrity status in the homosexual circle for his irreverent and profane take on our Conservative and Christian America. Joe’s blog, a profane left-wing farce read if I ever saw one, left me speechless. It is hard to fathom that even the worst of our society, the sodomites, would consider the vulgar and often blasphemous tone of Joe’s ramblings entertaining. Then again, given that his target audience has turned their back on decency and natural law, and chosen a sinful lifestyle, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

So, what did these pious politicos entitled this lovely missive? “Homosexual Blog Joe.My.God. Should Be Deleted and the Author Arrested”. Because blogs can be arrested.

Congratulations, Sam Brownback, you’ve got the dumb fuck vote!

(PS: Two things. First, Baptists For Brownback also have a list of “Hell Bound” folk. Second, we’ve got some bad news…)