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Bruce Weber Shot the Hortoneda Twins In Some Twincestuous Poses. Haven’t We Seen This Before?

Elijah and Milo Peters (pictured, right), the gay identical twin porn stars, crossed a barrier this year that shocked even the gay porn industry: They had sex with each other on camera. (Yes, bareback.) The pair, who claim to be in a romantic relationship with each other, have previously shot scenes together with other performers, occasionally kissing each other while being serviced by another, but what they do on the Bel Ami DVD Taboo takes things about two thousand steps further. But that is porn, after all, and anything goes, right? Enter Bruce Weber, the famed Abercrombie & Fitch photographer, who’s generating his own “twincest” scandal — by having Spanish identical twins Juan and Cesar Hortoneda get very, very handsy with each other in a new magazine spread.

In the January issue of L’Uomo Vogue, Juan and Cesar (pictured, top) are either inspecting each other for questionable skin blemishes, or doing exactly what you think: pushing the envelope between family and sexuality. It’s both erotic and unnerving — which, you can be sure, is exactly what Weber had in mind when he directed his subjects to get this close.

But is this anything we haven’t seen before? The Carlson twins (pictured, right), also subjects of Weber, were arguably America’s first breakout identical twin male models, and they have appeared very cozy with each other in many photos before, in various states of undress (including zero clothes). (NSFW examples are here.)

Is there any difference between the twincest of the twin sets? Not really. While most of the nude photos of the Carlson twins show brothers Kyle and Lane hanging out (link NSFW), there are photos of them one step away from pouncing on each other (link NSFW).

For now, the Hortonedas are not going fully naked with each other.

Which might change soon, if Juan and Cesar follow in Kyle and Lane’s footsteps and realize that twincest — no matter how politically incorrect — sells. Especially premium web fan club memberships.

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