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Bruce Weber Shot the Hortoneda Twins In Some Twincestuous Poses. Haven’t We Seen This Before?

Elijah and Milo Peters (pictured, right), the gay identical twin porn stars, crossed a barrier this year that shocked even the gay porn industry: They had sex with each other on camera. (Yes, bareback.) The pair, who claim to be in a romantic relationship with each other, have previously shot scenes together with other performers, occasionally kissing each other while being serviced by another, but what they do on the Bel Ami DVD Taboo takes things about two thousand steps further. But that is porn, after all, and anything goes, right? Enter Bruce Weber, the famed Abercrombie & Fitch photographer, who’s generating his own “twincest” scandal — by having Spanish identical twins Juan and Cesar Hortoneda get very, very handsy with each other in a new magazine spread.

In the January issue of L’Uomo Vogue, Juan and Cesar (pictured, top) are either inspecting each other for questionable skin blemishes, or doing exactly what you think: pushing the envelope between family and sexuality. It’s both erotic and unnerving — which, you can be sure, is exactly what Weber had in mind when he directed his subjects to get this close.

But is this anything we haven’t seen before? The Carlson twins (pictured, right), also subjects of Weber, were arguably America’s first breakout identical twin male models, and they have appeared very cozy with each other in many photos before, in various states of undress (including zero clothes). (NSFW examples are here.)

Is there any difference between the twincest of the twin sets? Not really. While most of the nude photos of the Carlson twins show brothers Kyle and Lane hanging out (link NSFW), there are photos of them one step away from pouncing on each other (link NSFW).

For now, the Hortonedas are not going fully naked with each other.

Which might change soon, if Juan and Cesar follow in Kyle and Lane’s footsteps and realize that twincest — no matter how politically incorrect — sells. Especially premium web fan club memberships.

NEXT PAGE: Photos of the Hortoneda twins in L’Uomo Vogue.

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  • Kyler

    Done before. The whole twincest isn’t new either. Theirs a Brazilian pair that does the same. Though they aren’t as pretty as the Bel Ami twins. So nothing new or shocking.

  • SteamPunk

    Incest = Gross!

  • terrwill

    Elijah and Milo Peters:

    Don’t think this is what Mom was talkin bout when she said “I really wish you and your brother would get along better”……

    Hmmm, I see your twins and raise a set of triplets!!!

  • Thom


    except they don’t do anything together do they?

  • Jeff K.

    Well at least they won’t be making any retarded babies.

  • Alpha

    This is really disturbing. Making incest look cool is bad. Firstly incest is not appropriate…unlike gay marriage IT DOES HURT the family structure – what next gay fathers being sexually intimate with their adopted son (even if above 18)? Can you imagine a similar shot showing brother-sister or mother-son? And then gays wonder why people object to them marrying? If the gay culture in US thinks incest is OK, everything needs to be done to ensure that they can not get married, have a legal family etc. Btw.. a gay man here.

  • George

    This actually raises an interesting question. The reason (presumably) for societal prohibitions against heterosexual incest is that inbreeding causes genetic problems in the offspring. Does that mean that homosexual incest (in cases where both persons are the same age) is totally okay? I wonder if the reason for the ethic evaporates in the gay case where there’s obviously no reproduction going to happen.

  • ganymeade

    I am a twin and we are both attractive but I have never, ever thought of being intimate with him. It is not my thing but if they are not hurting anyone, it does not rile me.

  • Alpha

    @George: Nopes. It is not just about conceiving. If it was then it would be OK to start having sex with your mother, sister the day after she has her menopause. Sex between family members can alter the perception of the relationship altogether.

  • Chuck Martens

    Incest = HOT! I always wished I had a twin to mess around with. I would have settled for even just a brother!

  • terrwill

    What we call incest a lot of hilbillies call just another Saturday night…. =)

    However,I am pretty sure that procreation between relations can have some very negative offspring. You can’t tell me that there ain’t some serious family fun going on at a certain baptist church, and daughter diddlin can produce some really hideous looking offspring, hello Maggot!!……… : P

  • tazz602

    What’s the big deal – there have been brothers that have done porn before – what’s the difference?? Twins are just brothers born at the same time.

  • Drew

    If it weren’t for incest, it would have taken me alot longer to realize I’m gay.
    That said, it shouldn’t be the norm at all. But its the fact that these two men are extremely attractive IN COMBINATION with the fact that what they are doing is totally taboo. Two delicious rule-breakers? Hottttt. But it shouldn’t become the norm, both because it would violate the normal familial relationships and because it would preserve the hotness that stands in twincestual sex.

  • Devon

    You can’t spell twincest without win.

  • Republican

    OK, I’ll admit it. I’m turned on by the idea of hot adult male twins having sex.

  • Kevin

    @Alpha: And? Is there any particular reason that altering the perception of the relationship is a bad thing? As far as I’m concerned, what people, any people, do with their own bodies on their own time is none of my business. I would probably be creeped out a bit if a guy was doing his menopausal mother, but hey, most straight guys are creeped out a little by my sex life. Creepy doesn’t have to mean forbidden.

  • Dick

    The Brewer Twins did it before the Carlson Twins

  • thomesings

    @Alpha: well, there are many straight men who like to ogle the twins at Hefner’s mansion. I think they’re bi, but they are there for the enjoyment of a straight fantasy (idk if lesbians like this).

    i can rationalize incest when the individuals are no longer immature. it’s not hot, to me, when there is a big time span between them; but i don’t think it’s necessarily illegal either, after age of consent. i think the main reason to be opposed to incest is because of the authority dynamic required in a developing child’s life (that and the potential for malformed offspring). when a parent, grand parent or aunt/uncle takes advantage of a child, that is wrong. any intimacy for a developing child is wrong; unless s/he is piddling around with similarly immature kids. but if two (or more) adults consent to be interested in each other, I don’t think law should be a factor. i hope they are sufficiently informed to not produce children together; and that concern is mitigated in gay relations.

    i’m not a big fan of these particular twins. i’ve seen better.

  • Andrew

    While looking at photos of two hotties cock teasing each other may be very enjoyable, the reality of it is pretty yuck. Incest is taboo not only due to genetic defect reasons but also because of age differences/power play issues. If incest between non-breeding family members ie father/son mother/daughter brother/brother sister/sister etc is to create an environment where younger inexperienced people could be abused and totally taken advantage of causing God knows what scarring.

  • Larry

    “@Drew: If it weren’t for incest, it would have taken me alot longer to realize I’m gay.”

    Details, please!

  • Enkidu

    So, the Queerty staff presents this as a morally delicate issue, while simultaneously posting a dozen moderately hot pictures? Quit pretending to be blog of substance, and just entertain me.

  • san

    incest + consenting adults = none of your business, if you think it is gross than don’t do it. It is exactly how straight people think of gays.

  • Lukas P.

    “If I had an identical twin, I would SO do him.” or “Buy one, get one free!”

    Those are words that will never be uttered from my beautiful mouth!

    If they’re adults, consenting, and of sane mind, then why not? It’s not illegal for them is it? Unless they try to marry…..

    Good news, no worry about changing their last names. They can split one wardrobe.

    Either of them, even without the other is hot. Them together, IMO, isn’t any hotter. But, I won’t throw stones if they’re really truely an item. talk about a “two for one sale.”

    Which one gets to be the man?

  • chris

    The twin fascination isn’t a gay thing, pretty much every straight guy I’ve met has a fantasy involving twin sisters.
    It’s a curiosity thing…a wierd curiosity thing.

  • scott ny'er

    @Alpha: what next gay fathers being sexually intimate with their adopted son (even if above 18)?
    Woody Allen / Soon Yi. Similar situation, no?

    I agree with some posters above. Of age, consenting adults. None of your business. Leave them alone. They are not hurting you.

  • silk

    “The twin fascination isn’t a gay thing, pretty much every straight guy I’ve met has a fantasy involving twin sisters.It’s a curiosity thing…a wierd curiosity thing.”
    Being a gay girl twin (with a straight twin sister), I agree with this statement. I don’t like my sis like that, and I know she doesn’t like me, or ANY girl, like that. Just cuz we’re twins doesn’t make us the same orientation.
    I think twincest is gross, but I also think people are curious/like the idea because they don’t think the whole thing through.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    1) The comment about whether photography (o art) regarding twins as subject matter, is insipid. Fortunately, though hundreds of others painted portraits of women before, Leonardo still painted the Mona Lisa; or in spite of thousands of statues, the David was still carved; or thousands of landscapes everywhere, and fortunately Van Gogh painted “Hay Stacks”. John Gutmann started taking photographs of male models in the 1940’s; thank god that didn’t stop Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber from making their own art.

    2) The question about “Twincest” now that is interesting. There is the fundamental tradition that incest is morally corrupt. But, that is based on the biological detriment of children from the same blood pool AND/OR that an adult (or older family member) is taking liberties with and advantage of children. And so many of us think that that is just gross.

    However, this is a case where there is no older/younger corruption, no undue influences (between the twins, maybe by the photographer) and no consequences of children from the couple.

    I want the equal right to love and marry the man of my dreams, and, after having to wait over 20 years, my boyfriend and I were able, finally, to marry, thank you Massachusetts.

    It seems wrong of me to deny the rights I want for myself and hubby to others, even the twins. Others, due to age or lack of desire, are able to enjoy marriage even though there is zero expectation of raising children. And many enter marriage even though one person exerts control over the other member, and here, it seems these two are equals.

    This is a dilemma. The answer does not come from demonizing the two, but, from compassion. One size does not fit all; one answer, does not satisfy all situations.

  • Jer

    Them being in a “relationship” together is nothing but a barrier to gay marriage in America. The anti-gay marriage advocates say it is wrong? Well, seeing a relationship like this will certainly help their stance if they could publicize on it.

  • ossurworld

    At least they are not joined at the hip…

  • Ted C.

    I’ve heard it said that the only men with brother fetishes are men who don’t have brothers.

    Seems consistent with the comments here.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Hilarious, Ossurworld. The gay community has been trying to counter all of the hateful assertions that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy and incest. Really, there are HATErosexuals out there spewing that our marriage equality will lead to incest. Why Queerty would post this incestuous gay article is beyond me. It’s almost like you have an agenda that is opposite of equality. In another article, polygamy was promoted. Why are you doing this?

  • Ruddigore

    @Dick: And the Brewer twins had full frontal nudity while caressing each other, unlike these rather bland photos of the Hortoneda twins. The Bruce Weber photos of the Brewers, however, were far more romantic than they were sexual.

  • KTG

    Isn’t Bruce Weber some sort of fat, hideous, pedo-looking scumbag? Sleaze galore.

  • KirilleXXI

    I can’t help it. This House, M.D. episode (s03e05, Fools for Love) keeps popping up in my mind. It was about two young people who were going to get married, a guy and a girl. The girl got sick, House couldn’t explain it, then the guy got sick just like her, and the only reasonable explanation was that they have a very rare genetic disease, but how come they both have it? — they’re half-siblings who didn’t know about it. Turns out guy’s dad was cheating on his wife with the neighbor who got pregnant and had a girl. Kids grew up as neighbors, became friends and then lovers.

    So, when Foreman told them they’re related, they both felt gross. And then he added: “You’re not really siblings. You didn’t fight in the backseat on car trips. You didn’t change each other’s diapers. You, guys, just met and fell in love. The way you feel, that hasn’t changed.

    And I totally agree with that — it’s all about the state of mind! If for some of us it is gross, that’s because we have siblings and we know that under no circumstances we would “do” them. It’s hard for me to evaluate the situation properly, for I am a gay man with only one sibling — a straight sister; if it was a brother, I would have a better chance to explain if it would be gross for me or not. But in general I think that even if I were straight, I wouldn’t think of her that way — because we did fight in childhood, we did beat each other and bite each other, yelled at each other and hated each other’s guts — well, we both were bitches (and still are). After something like that you just can’t think of your siblings in a sexual way.

    Anyhoo, it might be gross for some of us, but it’s not for others, and we have to respect their sexual desires, we all have a freedom of sexual choice (as long as it concerns consenting adults, obviously). And for gay people it should be clearer, we all know what the straights think of us and that is not true — they think our sex is gross and weird, but we know it’s not for us. Same way here.

    And for those who say that such attitudes only harm our movement — I don’t care, I care more about the truth. Sorry, guys, but don’t count me in, I’m not gonna fight for my rights at the expense of others dismissing them solely because I don’t understand their sexual behavior and because their existence somehow tarnishes myself as a gay person.

  • Michael W.

    Downright disgusting. Bruce Weber just set gays back 30 years with this one.

  • McShane

    Totally cool; I always thought that would be a fun way to grow up. Because of thwe lack of any of the power dynamics presentwhen an older person takes advantage of a younster, there is literally no pyschological harm done. I say this as having been an insect/child abuse counselor. It happensmore often than you know and is a very healthy way to learn partnering.

  • McShane

    p. s. I have seen far more young gays who end up having sex with an older adult who invariably has the dominant role.
    This is “incest/sexual abuse)” which is harmful. the psychological factor which is harmful is the power relationship.

  • jimmy

    These pics are tame, only slightly erotic, and barely homo-erotic.

  • Cinci Chris

    The thought of doing anything with my brother–or any family member for that matter– makes me want to vomit. I love being gay, but not when so much is at stake, and people are so f’ing embarrassing all the time!

  • Drew


    Basically, once I got dared to suck my cousin’s dick. I started to, but withdrew. And the next day, I really really regretted not finishing him off. I was 12.
    A year or two later, I looked back on that experience and started to question my sexuality, and it came down to being the happiest I’ve ever been. :D

  • Just Another Poster

    Is it wrong that I find this totally erotic?

  • SoWhat?

    I love fucking with my twin brother. So there, deal with it.

  • THeAwfulTruth

    First, I didn’t even know Bruce Weber was still alive.
    Second, he’s not even relevant. Guess he hasn’t grown much artistically in the last 30 years. Sad old man.

  • Lukas P.

    @THeAwfulTruth: Funny you should mention amazement that Bruce Weber was still alive.
    Over on another thread we were discussing the exact same question about YOU! [g]

    If you don’ t care for Bruce Weber’s photos, whose would you recommend?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    google Ruth Bernhard for photographs

  • pisces87

    You just fulfilled my ultimate fantasy… twins… yummy…

  • Dmitriy

    @san: Well said. Quite agree.

  • Dmitriy

    @George: Very interesting idea.

  • THeAwfulTruth

    @Lukas P.: How about my own Lukas P.? Oh, and I thought you 2 were dead…

  • Frozen North

    For all of those who are okay with this brother-brother love thing. Are you then okay with a father having this sort of “relationship” with his legal age son? What if it were your sons f’n each other?

    I think the guys who are all for this are disassociating the very-real world implications from their fantasies.

    I know there’s a lot of role-play out there about this, but for my own sake, I always assume it’s more about mentoring or power play, and that the guys involved aren’t actually thinking about their papas while they’re getting it.

  • KirilleXXI

    @Frozen North

    The question is, how is this our business?

    If these people are of age and know what they are doing, it’s none of our business. Sex is just sex. If they want to go through with this realizing it might complicate their relationships, then it’s their decision to make.

    Just remember that some time ago there were bans and restrictions on sex for people of same gender — if two guys were fucking each other, they were going to jail (just to be fucked there again, but whatever). And these bans and everything is only promoting the forbidden fruit ideology which only makes it more appealing for people to try.

    I don’t have children, but if my kids were to do that, I would be disturbed and upset, but I wouldn’t say anything about it, I would try to stay out of it and hope to bump my head just hard enough to forget about my kids going at it together.

    Stop trying to control everything, other people’s lives. That’s what I’m saying. As long as it is consensual and between (or even among — whatever the number of partners is) mentally developed adults, it’s their business, it’s their lives. It’s not our place, even as parents, to control their lives and tell them how to live. I have when people try to control these things. HATE.


  • jason

    I’m opposed to this. Gay people should oppose it. It’s sleazy. I’m just as opposed to this as I would be to images of a brother and sister making out with each other.

    Be careful of sleaze that is marketed to us under the “gay” banner. It’s not all good for us.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    @ No. 10 · terrwill

    “What we call incest a lot of hillbillies call just another Saturday night…. =)”

    LOL!! This made my day.

    @ No. 51 · jason

    Yes, its sleazy. But I think that’s a plus, not a minus. And since when have most gays been known for an aversion to sleaze (repressed repug conservatives aside)?

    You can step down from that pedestal now and relax. Twin-cest will ALWAYS be hot, and at least they can’t pop out a half-wit.

  • Christian Young

    I think what bothers me most about this type of media, beyond the basic exploitation of the models/actors, is how many of the comments support this behavior for the titillation factor. While I recognize that Queerty respondents (and those on other boards) don’t reflect all of gay America, it bothers me because our war for tolerance isn’t merely about our sexual lives, but a criticism of our values as gay, lesbian, and transgendered folk. When we express acceptance and excitement for this type of media and entertainment, we are letting it be known that our values truly are at odds with the mainstream society that we seek tolerance and understanding from. Why should we be granted the “right” to marriage if this is the potential mockery we would make of the institution? And, if we truly feel that these values are so effin’ important than why bother trying to seek inclusion and tolerance or even protection from the law. This behavior is sick, regardless of sexual orientation and is one step closer to support of pedophilia…I mean, as long as the participants are okay with it, what’s the harm, right? After all, age ain’t nothin’ but a number, right?

  • KirilleXXI

    @Christian Young

    Do you know that you are one step away from supporting Prop 8 side? With their “concerns” that right after gays would be allowed to get married, polygamists will have to be allowed polygamy marriage, too. After all, the number of husbands and wives is just a number — exactly your words used for another argument. Well, it’s not the same thing.

    Age is not just a number. There is something behind it. In their development, children grow, learn, observe, get ready for an adult life. While getting ready and learning about themselves, they are not ready for sexual relationships. They are not ready. And they cannot protect themselves from being exploited by adults. That is why an informed consent of a consenting adult is the foundation for a sexual relationship recognized in our society.

    One can argue that there are plenty of kids who know how to do it and are physically ready to do it; but are they ready emotionally? can they handle sexual intimacy? do they understand why is it sexy at all? Being horny and being ready for sexual experiences is not the same thing. There is something more to it. Not to mention the grave consequences like unwanted teenage pregnancy or horrible and untreatable STD (we all know which one I’m talking about) — something you gotta know about to protect yourself before starting to fuck around.

    I don’t know about you, but I seek for recognition and fair treatment not because I want to be just like all those folks with their family values and traditions. Family values are great, but some of them have nothing to do with reality. Right now, the society looks down at us and says that being a homo can never be a part of those values, it’s against traditions they lived by for centuries. And what do we want? We want to change those traditions because they are not fair and they have no basis to justify such an unfair treatment of LGBT people. So, don’t tell me that we have to bow before those traditions and accept them as they are just to be granted some kind of recognition. This is not the important part of our fight. We don’t want to have it half way. And I perfectly understand that some people are simply tired to wait, they want something now, and if sacrificing the truth and endorsing sanctimony for the sake of being finally recognized will give us something now, they are ready to make that sacrifice. This is not the way to go. I am not endorsing it. And don’t you boo at me for that, for I know I’m on the side of truth, not on the side of hypocrisy that has nothing to do with reality.

  • David

    Sex between a parent and child is NEVER ok, because the parent has power over the child. Sex between brothers and sisters or cousins has been taboo because of the associated birth defects that ensue. But sex between adult twins? No hard done to anyone.

  • David

    oops no HARM done


    I don’t see any problem with this, live and let live. Although incest today is taboo it has not always been that way. Many of you should go the history of this more common in the past then you may think. And these of some of the fact on incest.

    Children born of incest of the first level or generation have normal children at about the same rate as completely unrelated parents at 1% to 1.5%. The rate jumps to around 2% to 2.75% for second level or direct generation and at third direct level it jumps dramatically to 10% or higher. this is where the real problems begin. If there is unrelated spouces are injected at the second generation then the percentages go down to normal in almost all cases.

    Society and religious indoctrination in todays world are where the taboos of incest give the “Ewww” factor. Yet all of us over the last 200 or so generations have incest in our families and 1st cousin marriage is in the 80% range within the last 8 to 10 generations.

    There are a large number of incestus marriages in the Bible including Abraham and Sarah who were bro/sis. Lev.18 is the only place there is any prohibition but this was so there would not be continuous generations of incest because there was no birthcontrol at that time. The only time God intervined negativly was when Amnon raped his sister Tamar and left her rather than marry her. Many Christians do not know or admit to these relationships and marriages.

    So throughout history incest between human families has been quite common and is the same in the “animal” world as well with no real abnormal problems. It should be normal and accepted today and not illegal.


    Although I could not do this myself, being a man of today society and rules.

  • Bertha Fox-Dominguez

    I’m not placing any judgement on this, but isn’t incest illegal? How do they get away with showing it on film if it is in fact not legal?

  • KirilleXXI

    @Bertha Fox-Dominguez: Sex and all the fooling around between consenting adults is not illegal, whatever they do, only public indecency can be illegal. No one cares if these consenting adults happen to be siblings. But if they apply for marriage license, they will be denied the right to marry each other, even if they are of opposite sexes, which is not the case for identical gay twins.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I find having sex with a brother regardless of him being my twin is gross and morally wrong.

  • Vlad

    @McShane: And how disgusting do you find your own sexual activity? I find that people who react so strongly to others’ lifestyles are insecure or disgusted of their own. If ou had a healthy attitude about your own ses life you wouldn’t be attacking someone else’s

  • Vlad

    @Michael W.: @McShane: And how disgusting do you find your own sexual activity? I find that people who react so strongly to others’ lifestyles are insecure or disgusted byx their own. If ou had a healthy attitude about your own sex life you wouldn’t be attacking someone else’s

  • Vlad

    @Michael W.: @Michael W.: @McShane: And how disgusting do you find your own sexual activity? I find that people who react so strongly to others’ lifestyles are insecure or disgusted byx their own. If ou had a healthy attitude about your own sex life you wouldn’t be attacking someone else’s

  • darkmoonman

    A lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    My own brother was anything but attractive, and we never did anything together despite both being gay. That said, I have no justification to pass judgement on others’ choices re: voluntary twincest/incest. The argument that it’s fuel for anti-gay groups is meaningless as they’ll always find something to smear even if they have to make it up 99.9% of the time.

  • gppm1103

    @SteamPunk: Have to disagree. It is in the eye of the beholder. Rent the movie “From Beginning to End”.

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