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Burn Baby, Burn! — A Brief Guide to Fat Burner Supplements

Derek-Jameson-small-logoWith so many “fat burner” supplements on the market, it’s hard to consider which is the right one for you. Walking into your local supplement store can be an intimidating experience if you don’t know what you are looking for. Many head to the weight loss section and look for the flashiest label in hopes of a saving grace. What some don’t know is that fat burners take on different mechanisms of action. Some contain stimulants, some work with the body’s natural processes, and some come from our diet. 

This segment will cover a few of the different supplements that kick your fat burning potential into high gear.

The first, and most commonly known, is a thermogenic fat burner. They aim at revving up the metabolism and raising body heat to an optimal burning temperature. Those sensitive to caffeine should steer clear or modify the dosage. However, you would typically need to administer the suggested dosage to reap the benefits of the supplement. A thermogenic will aid focus, energy, and alertness. 

There are also non-stimulant thermogenic supplements for those who are sensitive to central nervous system stimulation. 

Next we take a look at “Fat Blockers” and “Carb Blockers.” These two supplements are similar to each other. They bind to fats and carbohydrates to prevent their absorption and storage in the body.

Appetite suppressants do just that…suppress your appetite. For those who can’t seem to stop eating constantly, this may be a supplement for you. Most contain the ingredient ‘hoodia’ and help to curb hunger. However, if your appetite suppresses for too long, it may cause your metabolism to slow down. So, eating small and healthy meals 4-6 times a day might just be your solution. 

derek-group-withlogoThyroid regulating supplements help those with a thyroid that is not producing enough hormones to keep the metabolism running efficiently. They contain a combination of ingredients that amp up the metabolic rate. As we know, a slow metabolism can lead to weight gain and feelings of fatigue. Seek advice from a doctor before diagnosing oneself with a thyroid problem. 

Cortisol blockers help prevent the effects of cortisol on the body, which can lead to an accumulation of fat. Stress, consumption of too much simple sugar, overtraining, and a lack of sleep can lead to higher cortisol levels in the body. This supplement will reduce those effects. 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or “CLA” as it is commonly known, is another non-stimulant fat burner  It is an omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. CLA increases fat utilization and metabolism. Already produced by the body, CLA supplements will provide a particular dosage to aid in fat loss. 

L-Carnitine helps mobilize fat into energy and also serve as an appetite suppressant.  Like CLA, the body produces it from amino acids. This is a perfect supplement to help you lose fat and gain muscle. 

Other basic fat burners out there come in the form of green tea and caffeine supplements. 

Choose what you think suits you the best. Get advice from your doctor before taking any supplements you may have questions about. Dig a little deeper and research these supplements to make the correct decisions for your specific needs. That said, many of the above can work together due to their various mechanisms of action! Good luck and happy burning! 


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