No Lesson Learned?

Bush’s “Anti-Gay” Spiritual Adviser Endorses Obama

It may be two steps forward, one step back for Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign.

The Democratic Senator earned praise this morning for including gay folk in his Ebenezer Baptist address this weekend. That could change, however, when homos hear that Obama snagged an endorsement from Reverend Kirbyjon Caldwell, a long time spiritual adviser to President Bush:

Caldwell said Saturday that he’s endorsing Obama’s presidential campaign because of the senator’s “character, confidence and courage.”

He emphasized that his support is personal and not tied to his job as pastor of the large United Methodist church.

The pastor, however, said he has informed his congregation of his presidential choice and that Obama may even pay a visit to his church.

“I have been in contact with the Obama campaign team,” he said. “I will be making visits on his behalf.”

Those visits most probably won’t include any gay community centers – unless it’s to spread some reparative therapy. Rumor has it that Caldwell endorses anti-gay “cures” through his congregation. The website explaining his ex-gay ways, however, has mysteriously disappeared.

Mr. Bush does not object to Caldwell’s endorsement, of course…