But Did Andrew Shirvell Make Any Good Points About Chris Armstrong’s Radical Homosexuality?

Andrew Shirvell’s hilarious cover up of his homosexuality by attacking gay U-Mich student Chris Armstrong does include a few great points, like how Armstrong represents the first-ever instance of a known gay Nazi. Well, besides that Hitler guy.

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    This lunatic is most likely certifiable………How can any sane person view his rants and not come to the conclusion that he is nothing more than an obsessed stalker?

    How fcuking sick is it that the hatred for Gays from the rightwing is so overwhelming that the Attorney General will tolerate having this nutbag associated with his office??

  • ewe

    Just goes to show the caliber of people that enter the field of law.

  • Latebrosus

    What lawyer could be perceived as fair and unbiased in using a swastika that way? For that Shirvell should’ve been canned immediately, but the AG never took principled official action. So we got this lame-assed “voluntary leave of absence.”

  • BillCooney

    Would someone please explain to me what the homosexual agenda is. I’ve been gay longer than I can count and I still have no idea what the heck this is. Is it world domination through fashion and home interior decor? Well, okay, we’re trying to show you all how to improve the look of your double-wide. And, maybe wear something other than plaid (and that includes you ladies). But what hurt can that impinge on society? Didn’t y’all love the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”? I’d like to know what this guy’s agenda is in pursuing Mr. Armstrong. What “extreme agenda” is he talking about?

  • ewe

    @BillCooney: the only gay agenda i know of and am willing to participate in is called EQUALITY.

  • David K

    This offends my sensibilities as a gay nazi

  • declanto

    His lawschool is something like Mary’s school of etcetera and so forth. How did he ever get in a position like that without all the whistles and bells going off?

  • Doug

    Seems like a pretty clear case of reaction formation.

  • Qjersey

    I wish Brian has his own weekly show. That’s Gay segments don’t get produced often enough!

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