CA Democrat Uses Race Bating, Gay Baiting In New Mailer

This election cycle is so nasty, even members of the same party are at each others’ throats. In a mailer that went out to voters in Los Angeles’ 27th District, supporters of Rep. Brad Sherman bash opponent Howard Berman for being too lefty. He tried to convey this by including ominous shots of Sen. Barbara Boxer and Representatives Maxine Waters and Barney Frank.

As Buzzfeed reports, some feel the inclusion was fear-mongering, using Waters and Frank to stir up racist and homophobic sentiment. (Boxer is also known as a staunch supporter of the environment and women’s rights.)

For years, Republicans have used all three politicians as bogeymen of the left in advertisements and speeches to motivate conservative voters.

But their inclusion in a mailer backing Democratic candidate has raised eyebrows in Democratic circles, and drew a sharp rebuke from Berman’s camp.

“We were shocked to see a mailer like this. We find it offensive,” said Brandon Hall, a senior Berman advisor.

Beneath this “hit list,” Sherman rattles off the local Republican politicos who have endorsed him, including State Assemblyman Cameron Smyth and L.A. City Council members Mitch Englander and Dennis Zine.

Um, is that supposed to win you votes? We get that you’re trying to show that you can reach across the aisle, but you’re a Democrat and your voter base is Democratic. Showing how the GOP just loooves you—and giving the finger to your party leaders—might not be the way to go.

Ironically, the ad was paid for by a group calling itself Californians for Integrity in Government.