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Calvin Klein Delays Completion Of Hamptons Mansion For Boy Toy Boyfriend’s New Hobby

Having just been thrown a 21st birthday party with an elite guest list that included Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Salman Rushdie, and Alec Baldwin, former Fratpad porn star Nick Gruber is taking full advantage of his boyfriend’s riches. The 21-year-old plaything (pictured on right) to 68-year-old Calvin Klein reportedly wants to begin collecting muscle cars, so Calvin is extending construction on his Southampton Village by another six months to create a new seven-car garage to house the future purchases of a Pontiac GTO Judge and a Mustang. (Klein’s rep denies Gruber is the reason for the delay.) Fine, this isn’t exactly “news.” Nor is it really a “controversy.” But I’m officially obsessed with anything these two people do, mostly because I can’t decide whether I’d rather be Gruber (young, handsome, kept) or Klein (rich, famous, cavorting around with a young hottie). [photo via Musto]

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  • justiceontherocks

    As boy toys for the rich and famous go, this one is third rate.

  • Cam

    So he’s stupid too. As long as he is publicly being a prostitute, he should be asking for something like stock in Calvin Klein or flat out cash. But a 21 year old kept porn actor with a classic Pontiac GTO and most likely a coke habit….well thats just not going to end well.

  • Robbie K

    Maybe it’s love…OMG I could barely type that..haha..

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    There is no money in the world…

  • Zach

    I’d rather not be either. I would like to be with someone at the same stage of life, not someone who is in a completely different place mentally. And while mercenary reasons have their place in picking who we date/partner/marry, I think they’re a piss-poor starting point, which is obviously the case with these 2.

  • Nick T

    Definitley Gruber!

  • Nick T

    Definitely Gruber!

  • dvlaries

    There is no plastic surgery for this.

    All the money in the world cannot disguise the embarrassing and pathetic spectacle of an old man grossly refusing to surrender the provinces of youth.

  • Gigi

    I say let them have their fun. Who are they hurting? Besides, things could be a lot worse. At least Klein isn’t Maggot Gallagher!!

  • RickyL

    Just remember when you are pondering who it would be better to be, as the Great Sophie Tucker used to say 21 will go into 68 alot more times than 68 goes into 21.

  • Ugha

    It’s like the gay version of those Jewish Hollywood producers who always wanted the blonde gentile shiksa goddess to marry.

  • Oli

    Honestly, who cares? Why is it such a terrible thing? I’m 21 and relatively attractive and whilst I don’t thiiiink I would bang CK, at the end of the day I’ve made less financially rewarding decisions when drunk! Leave them alone!

  • Holy Shit!

    The horrifying thing about being in the public eye is that everybody feels entitled to pass judgement on your decisions based on what little snippets of your life they can glean from celebrity reporting. Is it possible that Calvin and Nick are in love? Yes. Is it possible that they’re both making huge mistakes? Also yes. Either way, we know next to nothing about them; even if we did, we’d still have no right to judge or categorize their relationship. We, as total strangers, have nothing of any real import to say on the issue.

    It’s so creepy to categorize strangers’ relationships as ‘this’ or ‘that’ based on very little besides our own petty prejudices and misgivings.

  • GetBalance

    Hey in a world as short on love as this one, if they truly love each other more power to them. If not the lesson will be learned.

  • Tessie Tura

    I will admit he has a nice body, but hey, the face ain’t all that, and if I had Klein’s money, I think I could buy something better.

  • GetBalance


    Good to know women are out buying boys in the market place and it’s not just religated to men. “You’ve come a long way baby”. ;)

  • ron

    I’m sorry, I find this whole debacle nauseating. Calvin Klein is a pervert and the kid is a whore. It’s as bad as what Hugh Hefner is doing. Yes, of course they can do what they want. But when they make their lives so public then they’re going to have to live with the public scrutiny. And it ain’t gonna be pretty. God, how tight do you have to close your eyes at 21 to go to bed with that 68 year old pig! The world has gone mad.

  • Cam

    @Holy Shit!: said…

    The horrifying thing about being in the public eye is that everybody feels entitled to pass judgement on your decisions based on what little snippets of your life they can glean from celebrity reporting.”

    When Klein is throwing parties for the kid and in the invitations saying things about only the elite will be there, he is begging for attention and scrutiny. These are not two people trying to live their lives, they are asking people to look upon them. Not our fault that the picture they paint isn’t pretty.

    Honestly I just feel sad for both of them. Klein with his plastic surgery and dating somebody so obviously for their youth, and the kid who publiclly is doing all but announcing his prostitution. It’s just kind of depressing to see.

  • GetBalance

    What’s that old saying, “don’t criticize until you’ve walked a mile in the other man’s shoes”. Or the latest ditty “The psychic surgeon general reports harsh judgments contain carcinogens that may be hazerdous to your health”. Either way bottom line you don’t know their story. Seems a waste of time to try and guess, especially to the negative. As gays who believe in “live and let live” so we can have our freedoms, seems there is alot of hypocrisy floating around these comments.

  • Ian

    I feel sorry in a way for CK and this kid. CK must feel very isolated by his fame and wealth. It must be difficult to find someone who isn’t mercenary, so why not accept that and find a hot young piece. What could Ck have in common with this kid? He was already a middle aged man when he was born. CK must really be smitten. There must have been an untold number of rent-boys CK has dallied with over the years, but none have been lavished with so much as Nick. For Nicks part he needs to realize this isn’t going to last, and his toys will be taken away before long. Nick, if you’re doing this for the money, get CK to pay for your college education. At least that will last.

  • GetBalance

    Haha, yeh Nick, and make sure all those lavish “gifts” are legally put into ur name only.

  • ThatPhoto

    That photo is a classic. Looks so 18th Century France. All they need are white powdered wigs. A bunch of silly rich dingbats gathered around that grotesquely faceworked character throwing a birthday party for his little blonde whore (they must all be thinking, “Silly old fool….but great hors d’oeuvres..”). To the guillotine with all of them!

  • GetBalance


    lol Touche

  • Trieste

    And what could be more of a trophy for anyone named Klein than the Germanically-named blonde Gruber? Calvin’s got a problem in his head. Remember he actually used to be closeted ?

  • paul

    A Jew sucking on a blond Germanic uncut cock!! how cute is that??

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