Can A Board Game Force Kids To Seduce One Another? Russia’s One Million Moms Think So

A toy store in Russia has been accused of selling a board game that encourages children to engage in “homosexual seduction.”

According to Parent’s Committee, the Russian equivalent of One Million Moms, Forfeits is a board game for children ages 12 and under that instructs players to “act out the seduction of members of the same sex. Like in an erotic film.”

The filthy game requires players to do things like “draw a butterfly.” If the other players can’t guess what the drawing is supposed to be, then they have to do something funny, such as “walk like an Egyptian.”

We’ve never tried walking like an Egyptian as a tool of seduction before, but now that Parent’s Committee mentions it, we think we might give it a try.

Prosecutors have confirmed the toy store that sells the board game is under investigation for violating Russia’s gay propaganda law. If found “guilty,” the store could be shut down and fined one million rubles, which is equivalent to $30,500.

Our only question is: Where can we buy this awesome gay board game?

Photo credit: GayStarNews