Test Your Might

Can You Only Focus Your Attention On This Model’s Eyes?

A new ad from ES Collection challenges you to look into the eyes of Kirill Dowidoff. But like the title of the ad suggests, it’s “hard to resist” looking elsewhere. Watch the video and find out where your eyes wander. Did you get distracted by his chiseled body? Or were you enamored with his face that was a cross between Channing Tatum and Andy Roddick?

Either way, you’re rewarded with a GIF set below.







Did you stay focused?


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  • tardis

    Whoa, well, that was um…hot.

  • KentSF

    Phew, that’s hot. His body is pretty perfect – those thighs! Man, good job

  • stfallon1028

    Not remotely, and I’m not even that into him

  • stfallon1028

    @ChiMichael: Agree, he could use a few tattoos as well

  • EdWoody

    Men really are just the best things.

  • hudson

    Smoking hot but, its his face and his ears. I know its weird, but his ears drive me crazy!! Actually, for me the underwear becomes inconsequential on this dude.

  • rcs831

    It’s all about his ears.

  • RaYmO6400

    If the camera had not moved around so much my eyes might have stayed still. I might have looked at his eyes the whole time. ;)

  • balehead

    He’s the next Channing Tatum….so hawt!!

  • balehead

    Watch all the Jealous Gay Bigots go off on his perfection…

  • Stefan

    Easy to not look in his eyes –because he has a face like a chimpanzee.

  • NateB79

    @balehead: Watch all the Jealous Gay Bigots go off on my perceived idea of perfection… there, I fixed that statement for you. You’re welcome!

  • Spike

    Waxed within an inch of his life. Yuk.

  • Andrew

    I’m in complete awe. This man is gorgeous. No doubt about it.

  • pierre

    Ah, genetics…..A body and a face that truly stop traffic!


    @Stefan: How unfortunate the comment directly above yours preceded you… ;)

  • NateB79

    He is beautiful, and the pics from the morning goods are pretty great too.

  • Niall

    @balehead: I friggin’ hope not. Channing Tatum is the epitome of an overrated “hunk”. Nothing hot about him, imo of course.

  • Ferallove

    I didn’t find that attractive and the voice was annoying but I know i’ll be the only one lol and that’s fine. If your gonna make a commercial like this or “AD” at least be nice enough to flash your phone number at the end. Lol hehehe don’t leave the commenters false hope they’ll be glad to look into your eyes and everything else. :-)

  • Tackle

    No he does not need to be the new Channing Tatum. He just needs to be himself .I. find him hotter then Channing. But one odd thing. I read that he’s 21yrs-old.That close -up face pic shows some light wrinkles under his left eye. Can someone really age that fast??

  • Paul F

    @Tackle: You bet they can. Just the other day I was young and twinky and now my mirror shows some old fart with grey/white beard and thinning hair. I swear it, wait a second, crap now my hip joint is going out and my typing finger is hurting. I better stop looking in mirrors or the next thing I know I’ll be OLD! ( You young ‘uns think I’m joking, it really happens that quickly, or so it seems.)

  • DistingueTraces

    Not exactly a fair test when nothing but his crotch is on screen!

  • Kernos

    I have not seen all of him yet!

  • ariesbear

    How useless is this!

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