Canada Halts “Gay” Deportation

Alvaro Orozco sure is one lucky Nicaraguan – the Canadian government stepped in on his behalf and issued a temporary ban on his deportation. Orozco seeks asylum in the country, insisting that he’s gay and will therefore be harassed and beaten by his abusive father in the largely Catholic Nicaragua, where homosexuality’s been illegal since 1992. Many fear the repressive laws will be more strongly enforced under conservative President Daniel Ortega.

Last week, an immigration official named Deborah Lamont said Orozco failed to convince her he’s gay and therefore must return to his homeland. She reasoned that since he wasn’t sexually active during his teens, he must not be gay – because, you know, all gay teens are total sluts.

If Lamont needs proof, she should just read Orozco’s website, where he writes:

My father always knew I was different from my brothers. I too knew I was different, from around the age of seven. I was attracted to other boys. I would keep more clean and neat than the other kids. One day I made a garden in our house, and whatever free time I had I used to take care of the plants and flowers.

That’s way gay.

A number of gay rights activists spoke out against Lamont’s decision and Orozco’s lawyer El-Farouk Khaki urged the Justice Department to step in. Heeding the call, the department has granted Orozco a two-month stay of deportation to reapply for asylum and build a strong case. Of the decision, Khaki said:

We are thankful and relieved. This will allow us time to submit additional medical and psychiatric evidence and perfect the humanitarian application.

He didn’t elaborate, forcing us to wonder what he means by “medical and psychiatric evidence”? There’s no gay test that we know of – or, at least, not one that’ll hold up in court. Maybe he’ll undergo a rectal exam to show that he’s busted his hiney hymen, or something.

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