Canadian B&B Owners Close Doors, Quit Serving Cheese Plates in the Common Room Because Homosexuality Is A Sin, OK?

Lee and Susan Molnar are a nice retired couple living in Grand Forks, British Columbia who converted their home into a beautiful bed and breakfast with private rooms, a jacuzzi, and a wonderful view of the river. There’s only one catch: they’d prefer if you homos not ruin their Christian home with your evil presence — OK, thanks!

They turned down a gay couple in 2009 and have now found themselves in a discrimination lawsuit. The poor Molnars have been forced to close up shop because “they don’t know what kind of behaviour they can say no to in their home.” But it makes me wonder: How many other types of sinners do they typically turn away from their fine establishment?

The Molnars may be a nice couple and they’re presumably just trying to avoid mansex in their boudoir, but I’m assuming they’re probably OK with men and women rubbing their urinary tracts together on their freshly laundered sheets. So it’s another case of pick-and-choose religiosity. I doubt they turn away shrimp-eaters, adulterers, and men who wear clothes made out of two fabrics. No, instead they’ve targeted one group of sinners and are now standing behind their religious beliefs as an excuse (because Christian charity is just too hard to extend to everybody).

Forget for a moment that Jesus is a total fag (he asked 12 men to leave their wives and follow him around the countryside). Lee and Susan could avoid having to shut down their business — especially since they’ve just invested in a bunch of renovations — by simply apologizing and not acting as if homosexuality’s a worse sin than, say, divorce or ignoring the Sabbath. Yeah, Leviticus calls man-on-man action an abomination, but it’s hardly worth putting yourself through hell for.