Canadian Gov’t Closing Potential Loophole In Gay-Marriage Law

Canada’s governing Conservative Party is expected to enact changes today to the current Civil Marriage Act that will clear up confusion about the validity of any same-sex marriages. In January, a divorce case involving a foreign lesbian couple raised questions about whether such ceremonies were legal if performed for couples from countries where gay marriage wasn’t recognized.

Though Tory PM Stephen Harper (right) is fairly right wing, he has stated that his party considers the marriages valid and has no intention of reopening the debate on marriage equality.

At the time, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson made it clear the government considered the situation merely a “legislative gap.” “The confusion and pain resulting from this gap is completely unfair to those who are affected,” Nicholson told reporters in January. “I want to make it clear that, in the government’s view, those marriages are valid.”

Conservative politicians who don’t try to dismantle LGBT rights? We can’t imagine what that’s like.

Photo: Kashmera