Canadian Police Warn Gays Against Cruising

Halifax police released an official warning to gay men after two men were murdered in so many weeks. Police removed Trevor Charles Brewster’s body last week, while Michael Paul Knott turned up dead on May 5, in Mill Cove, N.S. Police have found sufficient similarities between the two murders to launch a joint investigation and issue the aforementioned admonition:

Both victims were gay men who were known to frequent cruising areas in Halifax Regional Municipality. We do not know if their sexual orientation or the cruising areas played a factor in their deaths. These circumstances, though, cannot be ruled out as contributing factors. Therefore we are issuing a public advisory for potential safety concerns in cruising areas.

But, by all means, keep cruising. Just be sure not to pick up that psycho killer.

Brewster’s friends, meanwhile, issued a statement of their own. The deceased’s friend, Marishka Brown told the press:

It just seems weird to me that he would do that… I can’t see it. He’s just not the type to independently go off on his own. Trevor was a sexual person, yes … but not desperate enough to venture into a secluded area cruising for random strangers for sex.

Brown wonders if some lured Brewster – with whom she’s been friends for five years – to his untimely and bloody death. That’s certainly a possibility. But, then again, he may have just been cruising.

The fact of the matter is that not all gay men tell their friends how down right skanky they can get. Now, before you kids get bent out of shape saying we’re disrespecting the dead, consider all the whorish, equally dangerous things you’ve done in you’re life. If you can’t think of any – well, good for you. Most of you reading this, however, have probably done some pretty stupid things to get off. Even if it’s just going home with a stranger from a bar. Gay men have risky sex for a number of reasons, not least of all the burden of living in a largely heterosexist world.

We’ve been trained to keep secrets. Many of us lied to our families, friends and ourselves before coming out. Yes, coming out lifts that invisible burden, but gay sex still has such shameful cultural connotations. Many gay men aren’t emotionally equipped to deal with sexual intimacy – or even platonic intimacy. Thus, they turn to anonymous sex for their kicks. Whether it be in a sex club, a sauna or a park.

We can’t say if these common – but hardly universal – urges propelled Brewster and Knott to their respective deaths, we can certainly hypothesize that they played a roll. If not in the victims, then in the killer, who is perhaps filled with so much gay lust and shame that he must kill the object of his deadly desire…