Canuck Schools Not About Gay Education

When should students start learning about human rights? According to some Canadian educators, not until they’re in college. Because high schoolers aren’t human.

Thus, the Abbotsford School District Board puts the brakes on an elective social studies course because it teaches about homophobia. Those lessons, say some board members, encroach on students’ religious beliefs.

While many teachers have expressed their outrage, perhaps British Columbia Federation of Teacher president Irene Lanzinger best describes the idiocy…

I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that the content of the course that the Abbotsford board had difficulty with, was the content around the rights of gay and lesbian people. The issues around homophobia. And that is very problematic.

It is ironic in a way, because I think the reason for the creation of Social Justice 12 was precisely because children who are gay, or who have parents are gay, they don’t see themselves reflected in the curriculum as much as they should be.”

In response to the prohibition, teachers have revamped the course, which is currently awaiting board approval. In the meantime, about ninety seniors are going to have to scramble their schedules. If they can’t learn about the gays, they can certainly learn how to adapt, right?