Careless Vandals Forget To Add ‘Discrimination’ To Methodist Church Sign

THE SHOT — This sign in front of the Hollywood United Methodist Church, arguably Los Angeles’ most pro-gay and accepting church (known for the giant AIDS ribbon adorned to the facade), was ripped by vandals, who removed the word “equality” from the 12-foot banner on Sunday night. Though “This church supports marriage” still says basically the same thing.

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  • B-Rock

    I bet these buffoons don’t even realize how ironic they’re being. They won’t be taking away my equality that easily…

  • Jack

    Why would adding the word “discrimination” help the sign? Am I missing something? This church doesn’t discriminate.

  • sam

    @Jack: the people who vandalized the sign are trying to make a point, that churches shouldn’t be pro marriage, theys hould be anti marriage.
    But removing equality and saying “support marriage” doesn’t make sense because supporting marriage is still pro marriage equality…
    to make their point, they should’ve added “discrimination”

  • Pazmateo

    I bet some trashy little gay kid took the word equality to hang above his bed and take facebook pictures with. He probably thought what the writer did, that it made no difference to the meaning. Could a vandal really be so dumb?…don’t answer that…

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