Carrie Fisher A Hot Mess On RSVP Cruise To Caribbean

eurodam-carrie-fisherA Queerty tipster sent us some dish we thought we’d share: Last week, author/screenwriter/Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher was the super-secret headline on a  RSVP Cruise of the Caribbean. The queens on board the Holland America Eurodam were gagging—until Fisher actually came out on the main stage Saturday night, “trashed and incoherent.”

Was Fisher relapsing or just getting her sea legs?

Here’s more from our insider:

Some gays started seeing her act weird earlier in Half Moon Bay—swimming with all her clothes on.

Carrie showed up to her 8:30pm show trashed and incoherent. Her dog joins her on the stage—only to take two shits. As audience members began to leave, she started chasing them out of the auditorium. They shut down the remainder of the show and cancelled her 10:30pm show.

Obviously the gays love the drama—it was the only time you saw anyone spend the $16-per-minute on Internet service to tell their friends back home.

A commenter on CruiseCritic.com suggests Fisher, who has been open about her struggle with bipolar disorder, might have been having a manic episode: “Please be understanding with Carrie. She was not under any influence… Those of us who know people with the same situation knew right away what was happening. She was in one of those highs and it can appear to be other causes.”

Whatever the culprit was, we got nothing but love for Fisher and hope she’s back on track.