Carrie Fisher A Hot Mess On RSVP Cruise To Caribbean

eurodam-carrie-fisherA Queerty tipster sent us some dish we thought we’d share: Last week, author/screenwriter/Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher was the super-secret headline on a  RSVP Cruise of the Caribbean. The queens on board the Holland America Eurodam were gagging—until Fisher actually came out on the main stage Saturday night, “trashed and incoherent.”

Was Fisher relapsing or just getting her sea legs?

Here’s more from our insider:

Some gays started seeing her act weird earlier in Half Moon Bay—swimming with all her clothes on.

Carrie showed up to her 8:30pm show trashed and incoherent. Her dog joins her on the stage—only to take two shits. As audience members began to leave, she started chasing them out of the auditorium. They shut down the remainder of the show and cancelled her 10:30pm show.

Obviously the gays love the drama—it was the only time you saw anyone spend the $16-per-minute on Internet service to tell their friends back home.

A commenter on CruiseCritic.com suggests Fisher, who has been open about her struggle with bipolar disorder, might have been having a manic episode: “Please be understanding with Carrie. She was not under any influence… Those of us who know people with the same situation knew right away what was happening. She was in one of those highs and it can appear to be other causes.”

Whatever the culprit was, we got nothing but love for Fisher and hope she’s back on track.

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  • BritAus

    She could take a shit on stage and I’d still stick around to see what she’d do next.
    All hail Queen Leia.
    (well that’s my wish for eps 7, 8, 9)

  • mipuppetmaster

    As a person with bipolar disorder, I don’t buy the explanation, but hope she is doing better.

  • Red Meat

    Is she going to the gym yet? I don’t want Princess Leia to be fat.

  • balehead

    Her hatred of gays has always been an open secret….

  • gppm1103

    @balehead: Hatred of gays? Where did that come from?

  • bobbyjoe

    Carrie Fisher hated gays so much she frequently invited a gay friend to stay with her, he died in her house, and she now says he comes to her as a ghost. She did a “Celebrity Ghost Stories” about it. Funny, but I got the distinct impression that Carrie Fisher doesn’t hate gays (or ghosts).

  • Charlie in Charge

    @balehead: You clearly haven’t read her books.

  • skcord

    If you listen to Jonny Mcgoverns latest podcast he gives a first hand blow-by-blow of the whole Carrie meltdown…. he makes it seem funny and a lot less dark than it was in reality…

  • balehead

    she uses them for money just like Kathy does….

  • jackpapa

    @balehead: That’s not gay hatred. That’s commerce.

  • edfu

    @balehead: Yeah, right. She hates gays so much she spent hours on the phone from LA to NYC with a friend of mine who was dying from AIDS. Specifically, the author David Feinberg.

  • Josh

    This is appalling. Carrie Fisher has publicly acknowledged her bipolar disorder and her struggles with alcohol and drugs. And, she’s been a staunch advocate for the LGBT community for years. Why are we kicking straight allies when they fall?

    You realize that gossip like this just feeds into a culture of bullying and defamation, right? How can we disingenuously express dismay when a gay kid is bullied and then, in the same breath, whisper and laugh about something that isn’t news whatsoever? http://joshkruger.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/gossipbullying/

    BTW, here in Philadelphia, the publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News leaked this story so that he could pay for his vacation by claiming this was a “news trip.”

  • durkART

    Love Carrie Fisher but I wish they would have better talent on the RSVP Cruises. I know RSVP cruises cost more money and seems like their talent choices have been going down hill after their 25th mark. Loved the disco divas (Thelma Houston, Pamela Stanley, Debbie Gibson, Kristine W). And their theme parties are awesome – no one fills the dance floor deck better then Robbie Leslie. But tell me who the entertainment is before I board the ship, and Please DON”T make it like Atlantis -Circuit Party ALL day.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    durkART, I hear the performer, Noro V, gets top billing on many of these cruises.

  • Spike

    Probably not the best idea to bring on a d-list celebrity, who is bi-polar and has had issues with alcohol, as the super secret celeb guest, keep them holed up in their cabin suite, so as not to ruin the surprise, and provide unlimited liquor. Hardly a surprise that she took the stage a hot mess.

  • durkART

    …and you know what? You pay VERY good money for that cruise-Top Dollar, one should expect top dollar entertainment: It would be great to see her though – not top billing though. We went on a lot of RSVP cruises, I hope they turn things around. It was a mistake when they announced they would go to Key West and New Orleans then they changed their plans back to the Caribbean. 12 more months, where are they going? What ship are they traveling on? The BIG question, Who’s the entertainment NEXT year?……Hope Freddy and Amy and Robbie Leslie.

  • ifitmakesuhappy1

    I was there and had a third-row seat for it. It was sad.

    I was really excited to see her-not because I like star wars but because she’s such a brilliant writer. She couldn’t complete a sentence or even a thought. She gave a shout out to her drug dealers a couple of times. The only complete thought that she managed to mumble through was when asked about Lindsay Lohan playing Liz Taylor (carrie’s stepmother.) Prophetically Carrie said the only thing left for Lindsay was to overdose on TV because people love watching celebrities ‘circle the drain.’ I felt like I was watching someone circle the drain.

    I’ve seen a number of great entertainers on the RSVP cruise-among them have been Leslie Jordan and Michael Feinstein.

  • durkART

    We went on the Pied Piper cruise, Allure of the Seas in November ( the replacement for the RSVP in February: we decided against the RSVP because at first they were going to Key West and New Orleans – but that’s another story). The Allure was a mixed cruise. Never doing that again: I like being with my peeps. We saw Leslie Jordan – He is truly a grounded professional – the TRUE highlight of the cruise. Would LOVE to see Michael Feinstein-both pillars of the community. And just recently RSVP keeps their headline entertainment under wraps: You don’t know who the big name entertainment is until you board the ship. I want a cruise with big name entertainment, with my peeps and other people my age (35 – 60). Not looking for a 24 circuit party as with Atlantis. Theme parties are fun, with world class entertainment. Are you listening RSVP?

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