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Carrie Prejean Embarrassed, Humiliated Over Footage of Opposite Marriage Orifice

Carrie Prejean says TMZ, and you haters!!, can call her sex tape “whatever you want,” but let’s be honest here about what’s on film: A disgraced beauty pageant reenacting a Britney Spears song.

Just like the last time Prejean found herself overexposed on the web, she says this latest infringement of her privacy — which was screened for her and her mother — took place when she was just a teenager.

It’s the “biggest mistake of my life,” Prejean says, evidently forgetting the family values that were involved when she shot this.

(NB: Is anyone else loving how sympathetic Sean Hannity is to Prejean’s cause? Imagine if a homo, or a liberal, had a video released of him pleasuring himself?)

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  • dannyal

    omg. they’re both useless people… sigh..

  • beac

    B(anal) Barbie strikes again.

    IN the future, hardcore porn stars will do live broadcasts of straight gang bangs on FOXXX news with special co-host Sean Hannity reveling in its profound lesson of virtue triumphing over smut.


  • beac

    “Yes Sean, I’m proud to say that on the tape you’ll be happy to note that it was his finger up my ass, instead of mine up his.”


  • terrwill

    Please leave Carrie alone!!! She doesn’t deserve this!!! She is a good christian girl who “wanted to share something special with someone special in her life at that time”……….She “was only a teen at that time in her life” (which was like 2 years ago) She claims she did it for a boyfriend, and it was not something she benefited from financially…..Someone please release the tape and the release she signed and a copy of the check she got for sitting there with her fingers and other objects in her woo-woo…………

  • Cam

    Isn’t it funny…the people who want to judge others ALWAYS seem to be the ones that are trying to make excuses and saying that people shouldn’t hold them accountable for THEIR OWN behavior. Hey Carrie, are their any photos out there for you smoking crack and robbing a 7-11? Because I’m guessing thats whats next.

  • JR

    I love how she says, “I was not having sex with anybody…” @ 2:10. I will second that statement to be true; that she indeed was NOT having sex with anybody, since I am very reluctant to count her as a person…!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Most Christians consider masturbation a sin. Why is Ms. Prejean passing this off as no big deal? She’s promoting self-abuse amongst young people.

  • Scott

    HAH! – Fox headline – Carrie Prejean “opens up” about life… someone there is in on the joke.

  • terrwill

    Why do these rightwing-nutbag zealots (RWNBZs) who are so damm outspoken about hating the Gays ALWAYS have a closet full ‘o skeletons?

  • Cam

    No. 9 · terrwill said…
    Why do these rightwing-nutbag zealots (RWNBZs) who are so damm outspoken about hating the Gays ALWAYS have a closet full ‘o skeletons?

    So true! It’s probably the same reason that people who cheat on their spouses are ALWAYS the most jealous and think others are cheating on them, why drug addicts and alcoholics think everybody is drinking and using etc…

    They are focused on other people’s “Immoral” behavior, because they are breaking all of the rules behind closed doors. how better to pretend you are innocent then to try to condem everybody else? LOL

  • Sebs

    stupid cunt

  • Jimmy

    I wasn’t going to comment but I got a really good laugh out of “We were always raised to have tolerance” part … Then again, in her mind she probably thinks letting gay people exist, but not marry is tolerating them, but not supporting them.

    She needs to f-k off.

  • terrwill

    Sebs: She is a very proper refined good christian conserative young lady, please refer to her in the proper term:

    Little Miss Cunty Shoes…………….

  • Roy Pyatt

    no christian women are targeted when they finger themselves on video. what a waste of space; vacuous ignorant finger fucking whore.
    “what do you tell young girls?” keep you finger nails short and finger tips moist!

  • terrwill

    And it is vomit inducing how Yawn Hannity was fawning over here and damming the “conspiracy” to defame here and her juicy fingers………

  • Cam

    No. 13 · terrwill said…
    Sebs: She is a very proper refined good christian conserative young lady, please refer to her in the proper term:

    Little Miss Cunty Shoes…………….

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I cracked up really loudly when I read that.

  • Mike L.

    Ugh they can call it whatever THEY like, a video of someone masturbating is still considered a “sex tape.”

  • Latebrosus

    Hannity sympathetic? He probably wants to whack off to the video himself.

  • Brian NJ

    I can’t wait to see rotten bigot face in thirty years dancing in front of a mirror like Baby Jane. “I’m singing a tunie for Daddy! Who lives up in heaven above!” I wish I were there to feed her mercury, parrots and dog food.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    There is something truly mentally wrong with this girl no matter what side of the Gay Marriage issue one falls. I think it’s called Tick-tick-boom!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Carrie is such a hypocrite. I’m so sick and tired of her playing the victim. How she once apologized to anyone?

    Dream Ft. Drake Rock’s Spencer Reed, Kodi Cruz & Mason Ross –

  • Chris

    Every time she emphasizes something vocally, her eyes look about ready to pop right out of her head.

  • jOHN

    White trash.

  • geoff

    Terrwill, I was having such a crap day, and then I read the three little words that seriously brightened my day…. Little Miss Cunty Shoes! Thank you! I nearly fell out of my chair.

  • geoff

    Sorry, four words! I’m a dumbass!lol

  • yawn

    If there was a Chelsea Clinton sex tape, Hannity would be slamming her day in and day out, but little Miss Carrie gets defended to to high heavens. Yes, it is the hypocrisy, Sean, you douchebag.

  • michael

    She has obviously completely had Anne Coulter “how to be a cunt on TV” courses recently. Barbara is right, this is the best thing thats happened to that piece of trailer trash and she is working this victim shit for all the dough its worth!

  • romeo

    I don’t think she’s going to last long on the national stage. These “new” pictures and vids keep getting dirtier and dirtier. What’s next, a donkey act she forgot about?

  • SoylentDIva

    Typical RRRW hypocrite. It doesn’t matter how much of a skanky slut you are, so long as you don’t have Teh Gay.

  • spar-k-ling

    Terrwill…..I love you, I wanna get to know you better….say hello!

  • spindoc

    Ok, FIRST she claimed those topless pics were taken when she was underage, which wasn’t true. NOW she is claiming this sex tape was done when she was 17. IT’s probably a lie, HOWEVER, if it’s true, there are a bunch of kids that age who have been charged with trafficking in Child pornography for sending cell phone pics of themselves and sending them to a boyfriend. She is saying she made this tape for a boyfriend and sent it. Why is she not being charged with trafficking in child porn like those others have been for doing the exact same thing??

  • osocubano

    Actually, her biggest mistake was entering a beauty pageant.

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