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Carrie Prejean Embarrassed, Humiliated Over Footage of Opposite Marriage Orifice

Carrie Prejean says TMZ, and you haters!!, can call her sex tape “whatever you want,” but let’s be honest here about what’s on film: A disgraced beauty pageant reenacting a Britney Spears song.

Just like the last time Prejean found herself overexposed on the web, she says this latest infringement of her privacy — which was screened for her and her mother — took place when she was just a teenager.

It’s the “biggest mistake of my life,” Prejean says, evidently forgetting the family values that were involved when she shot this.

(NB: Is anyone else loving how sympathetic Sean Hannity is to Prejean’s cause? Imagine if a homo, or a liberal, had a video released of him pleasuring himself?)