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Catholic League’s William Donohue On a Campaign to Redefine Child Abuse

Is anyone else loving that Vatican-hater Sinead O’Connor decided to conduct her Larry King Live interview sitting cross-legged on her own couch, and then proceeded to read from the Bible? And had to be shushed by Mr. King?

And then there’s former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts, who was abused at a Catholic school, which is of course what turned him gay.

Oh, but the best is the Catholic League’s William Donohue, the sex column enthusiast, insisting criticizing the pope constitutes “libel.”

If we can just remember who Mr. Donohue is for a moment: a defender of child abuse, who accused victims of being “gold diggers.”

(The blog Towleroad has the rest of the Larry King interview.)

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  • Cam

    Just looking at his face makes me think of all the “Evil Neighbor” characters in after school movies warning kids about being molested or abused.

  • Robert, NYC

    This is the same right wing catholic wacko who publicly declared that pedophilia = homosexuality. He dismisses the straight pedophiles of course as a small percentage in the population overall, yet government sex crime statistics reveal otherwise. He’s also twice married and an ardent foe of same-sex marriage.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    Bill Donohue, like Pope, sounds as if he is hiding something himself.

  • chelly

    Isn’t the Pope also a head of state? I’m thinking his covering up of the rape of deaf boys (to state the least) is enough to have him arrested at any other nation’s port of entry….He is a wanted man.

    And Donohue, this pig, ugh….

  • TomEM

    …and today, I turn on CNN and there he is AGAIN spouting off ’bout how “The Homosexuals”[i.e. us] have ruined The Catholic Church(TM)


  • Michael

    Why is it every homophobe seems to have had one too many pork sandwiches? I guess the sin of gluttony doesn’t register with them. I saw this interview and it was beyond obnoxious for this fat f*ck to insist sleeping with 12 year old boys had nothing to do with pedophilia and everything to do with homosexuality. They also had two priests on Larry King, completely gay, and one was trying to say the Church is so much better now that they’ve implemented “changes” and it was a bit ironic to have a gay priest insist weeding out homosexuals has somehow made the Church better.

  • Robert, NYC

    Chelly, yes, he’s the head of Vatican state. I’m all for arresting him not only for the centuries old molestation scandal but for his crimes against humanity when he stated that condoms do NOT help prevent the spread of HIV.

    Donohue, who holds a Ph.D in sociology, has no concept about pedophilia or the terminology. Pedophilia refers to pre-pubescent children, hebepholia to post-pubescent. I find it quite revealing that in the case of male to female molestation, he never denigrates or villifies heterosexuality or blames it on the abuser’s sexual orientation. That said, using his view that sleeping with 12 year old boys is about homosexuality, he’d have to use the same construct to target the heterosexuality of a straight abuser who molests girls. He doesn’t though. In fact, the Roman Catholic cult supports Donohue’s belief that pedophilia = homosexuality. This is a classic case of bigotry on Donohue’s part, no question about that.

    Have you noticed that adult straight males committing sexual abuse against a female minor, his sexuality is never singled out when it comes to reporting in the media, even though it maybe apparent. When its “gay” molestation, then the sexual orientation is hyped and denigrated and the media has field day enabling right wingers to have our equality rights denied. The straight abuser’s rights are never taken away of course.

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