Cazwell: ‘I Purposefully Wrote A Song For Retards’

I think that people don’t like to think so much, so I purposely wrote a song for retards. It was summer song. Visually for the video, I think it made a big difference that all the boys were smiling. Because sometimes when you see a guy that looks a little more thug or street, they try to keep it all down. But working at clubs with go-go boys, I knew the ones who smiled were more approachable and made more money. I knew I wanted them to smile. It made people smile and turned them on.

—Rapper Cazwell, on his writing process for the ‘mos, which resulted in the uber-catchy “Ice Cream Truck” [via]

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  • alan brickman

    Awesome!!! Now watch the pc bobbleheads go nuts on his words….

  • Craig

    So is he saying he wrote this song for Sarah Palin and he like?

  • REBELComx

    And yet both his video and song sucked compared to that Kazaky video queerty put up last week. Some of the boys in Cazwell’s video are definitely fun to look at. But I can only stand that video if it’s on MUTE. Seriously the song and video are cheaply and poorly produced and a 5 year old watching sesame street could have come up with the lyrics which don’t even really rhyme or flow very well. Seriously, “It’s All Over Your Face” is still the best thing Cazwell’s come out with.
    The Kazaky video on the other hand was well crafted, sexy as hell, the music was well produced and the lyrics were actually even MORE simple than “Ice Cream Truck” but were still more entertaining.

  • Kamikapse

    @alan brickman:
    Oh great.. So, can I trust that you won’t go nuts, the next time someone runs around using the word fag, just to prove how oh so radical he is… oh wait, Queerty does that frequently in headlines.. nm.

  • daveny


  • no thanks

    he has chronic bad breath.


  • Tallest

    What a dick. I’ve never heard of him, but still, calling your fan base retards seems like a bad marketing strategy. Never mind the fact that “retard” is just generally not a nice word. But whatever, assholes abound.

  • MJ

    So… We get all up in arms about people using Gay, etc. yet no one seems to care he used the word “retard”? I think it is horrendous how easily gay people use this word…

    Mr. Brickman, your comment could easily be pulled from any number of articles on kids being bullied for the assumption they are gay.

  • Bruno

    “Retard” IN “Fag” OUT. Apparently.

  • Soupy

    There’s a modern variant of it that I hear all the time now. “Fucktard”

  • Anthony

    I hate the word retard…its one of my pet peeves

  • Brandon H

    So if you enjoy his video/song your a retard (sic)?

    Thats like saying if you let me fuck you in the ass your a fag.

    Way to keep fans caz.

  • JumpingUp

    It takes a retard to know the retard audience.

  • Xak

    That was a lot more enjoyable with the volume turned off. ;-)

  • nineinchnail

    Judging by the thread title I thought he wrote for Gaga. Oh, hold on, no 4th graders write her [email protected]

  • Mike D

    @ RebelComx…Unfortunately I thumbed up your comment by accident, so I feel I must respond to your post in kind…Cazwell’s ‘Ice Cream Truck’ was the catchiest, yet most ridiculous song to come out this summmer for the gays. It had hot, Latino dancers doing what they are paid to do best – make us hard, happy and smile a smile that makes us think that we are the only one’s in their sights. It was brainless and painless – exactly what ALL of Katy Perry’s, Rihanna’s and any of the other gay anthemist put out this summer (of at any other time). The difference is that it was geared specifically for us – not a gay anthem by product. I like Cazwell. He gets it, and by ‘it’ – I mean ‘us’. We are not too hard to please in terms of catchy, eye candy infused ditties. The last few seconds alone blew Kazaky’s video and song way out the water. I mean really…

  • JumpingUp

    Mike D. : If that video by this nasal-chipmunk-voiced cazwell with those okay-but-not-spectacular hispanic guys dressed as “thugs” is what is supposed to get “it” or “us” (meaning gay males) I’m sure relieved I moved out of the gay ghetto before my I.Q. dropped that low.

  • McMike

    People need to check their envy levels here. I doubt Cazwell actually meant the mentally-challenged when he used the word “retards”. I think the ‘retards’ he meant are the ones who’s lives are so dull they need to sign on to Queerty to bitch about dumb shite.

    btw, I’ve hung out with Cazwell before and he’s a great guy. It takes a lot of humility to deal with the fame NYC can throw at you in order to remain humble and survive. If you’ve ever had a two second conversation with Cazwell you’d know he’s not actually referring to the retarded here.

  • JumpingUp

    No, McMike. It’s not “fame” outside for few clubs. He’s not humble. Everybody who knows him says he’s an ass. And he did mean retarded aka mentally-handicapped in order to stir up some attention to himself.

  • BubbasBack

    With morons like this one, IT WILL GET BETTER. NOT! Burp.

  • TheInsider

    Gay rappers and thugs! Great for our future!

  • ewe

    I find this no different than what Britney Spears, lady googoogaga and miley cyrus types do so if our culture celebrates their sexuality then what’s the big deal? We should all support gay twinks and their conceit too. right?

  • CityBred

    That song sounds like that Carvel commercial. “Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake..” Maybe it’s a goof on that commercial.

  • CityBred

    Ewe, I love hot conceited twinks! And the guys in this video are sort of hot. Except for that Caswell guy with that awful voice and the whole thing is so horribly done.

  • McMike

    @JumpingUp: And who do you know that knows him??? I knew Cazwell rather well when I lived in NYC and he’s not some jerk who’s going to be throwing around the word ‘retard’ without talking about dumb ass people.

    It’s insane you’re trying to say everyone who knows him yadda, yadda, yadda when I can assure you you do NOT know one single person who’s actually hung out with the guy.

  • Idiot

    @McMike: “the word ‘retard’ without talking about dumb ass people.”

    You’re an idiot.

  • mm

    I like him. I like that a lot of his songs are not stereotypically gay sounding. So sick of the way gay = camp

  • McMike

    @Idiot: Hey, I understand. I’d be pissed to if I belong to that class of retards. You need to learn exactly what the root of your negative attitude is and I suggest glancing at the mirror to figure out the real problem. I understand completely. You’re a social reject. Deal with it.

  • McMike

    @mm: Cazwell has a lot of talent. During my year in NYC his “All Over Your Face” was a great song and there’s nothing better than hearing a song in a NYC club by a NYC artist while that artist is in the room. It gets really old dealing with these tired, bitter queens who can’t stand the thought they’ll never get 30 seconds of the fame Cazwell and others have achieved so they desperately try to bring them down to their level.

  • JumpingUp

    McMike : Why is Caswell/cazwell/whatever such a good guy? What was he doing in New York after coming here from that upper crust Jewish suburb of Massachusetts? Charity work? Working on getting guys off of drugs? And this ice cream song IS absolutely, as was mentioned, stolen from that “ice cream and cake” commercial (by the Buckwheat Boyz). But even THIS song isn’t as stupid as that “I saw beyonce at burger king, she bought whatever and onion rings..” Ugh. With that nitwitty voice.

  • JumpingUp

    Whoops. Never mind, McMike. During your “year in NYC”? Making a visit here and thinking it’s so thrilling to hear a song while the “artist” is in the room might have been a thrill to you, but it happens all the time in bars in NYC. You’d have to live here to know this, and to really know the feedback about this caswell person.

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