Channing Tatum Loves Anatomy And Is An At Home Nudist

channing tatumIn a recent interview with Elle magazine, those lucky fashionistas, Channing Tatum spilled on his passion for the human body and followed up on claim his wife Jenna Dewan made about him getting naked as soon as he gets home.

Tatum responded to that reveal: “I don’t really know. I have a really nice back porch where the pool is. Once the shoes are off, the socks come off too, and then everything else downstairs just follows at some point.”

Elle later asked about Tatum being a sculptor, to which he replied: “I really love anatomy, in general. I like sculpting bodies.” He added that mainly it is sculptures that look like his wife’s pre-pregnancy body, and that live, nude models maybe “on the docket.”

Tatum certainly does a good job sculpting his own body. We’ll get to see it all again soon in the upcoming Magic Mike 2.