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Charlie Crist Won’t Run for Senate as a Republican? Lies!, Insists Heterosexual’s Campaign


Why won’t that mean Marco Rubio leave our overly tanned heterosexual brother Charlie Crist alone? As they both fight for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat, there’s a story floating around that Crist is ready to leave the GOP and run as an Independent, because Rubio is so far ahead (18 points) in the polls. Except that’s nonsense, claims Crist’s camp. And they’re blaming the story on Rubio.

A planted fake story from the opposition? Isn’t that new to politics! “Marco Rubio continuously does whatever he can to distract voters from the reality of his record,” says a Crist spokesman. “There’s a clear pattern that Speaker Rubio on the campaign trail says things that do not match the reality of his record, and this is yet another example of him trying to distract people from that.”

Now you let our little Crist run with the Republican pack if he wants to, ya hear? Play nice boys.