Chart-Topping “We Are Young” Singers Want To Create Marriage-Equality Nonprofit

Chances are, you’ve heard the song “We Are Young,” which has rested at the #1 spot on Billboard’s chart for a bit, if you’re been in a car or a bar in the past month. It’s by a band called fun., and the three musicians in it—vocalist Nate Ruess, keyboardist Andrew Dost, and guitarist Jack Antonoff—all happen to all be straight.

That hasn’t stopped them from wanting to create a “nonprofit organization in support of same-sex marriage” to the Washington Post.

Says Antonoff of their commitment to the cause: “We’re firm believers in the idea that if you’re not talking about it, you’re part of the problem. We realize we have an audience, and it would be a real shame to waste it.”

True, true, but couldn’t they just donate to the numerous existing pro-marriage organizations? There’s usually at least one in every state, then there are a multitude of national ones: HRC, Freedom to Marry, GLAAD, etc.

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  • Jase

    Well, part of the problem with donating to existing gay organizations is they are useless. Best example is the NC marriage amendment. PPP polls this almost every week, and poll after poll has shown that the amendment fails among people who know what the amendment does, and the problem is most people don’t know what the amendment does.

    So basically, ALL the gay orgs had to do is educate people about the amendment, not the tougher job of changing minds. And the gay orgs have failed miserably. In fact, support of the amendment among African Americans has falled dramatically since the NAACP got involved campaigning against the amendment. The NAACP has done more in 2 weeks than the gay orgs have done all year.

    The problem with the gay orgs is they think they’re still living in Harvey Milks days. They open an office in a gayborhood, hand out pamphlets, and call it adequate. Their failures are why we lost California and Maine, and why we’re going to lose North Carolina.

    So I say go boys, start a new org, you can’t do any worse!

  • Bee

    Sometimes my cynical side comes out and I wonder who’s real and who’s just faking it in order to tap into the gay market.

  • Paul

    You haven’t clearly explained why some gay orgs are not effective.
    Just what is the NAACP doing that is so much more effective?

    Could it be that gay people are also the weak link in getting change and stopping these amendments?
    More guys wast time gossiping about whats happening on RuPaul and what they are doing Saturday night than taking action on important legislation regarding their own rights.
    Bullshit claims of ‘not understanding’ or ‘hating politics’ at the same time they can follow the contrived ‘drama’ on television shows.

    FUN should support programs and campaigns that are working.

  • No-Obot

    Good for them. Hopefully they wont became just another GayTM piggy bank for the party-girls in HRC and the do-nothing Democrats (remember the 2008-2010 Congress) which could have passed ENDA (Employment Non-discrimination Act)and only repealed DADT in a lame-duck congress after they lost the House because the Dems pissed off their progressive base.

    Yes, we need other voices.

  • Jase

    @Paul: The NAACP is actually spending money on advertising, is actually going in the field canvassing, etc. I don’t think Freedom to Marry is even IN the state at all. We all know how useless HRC is. All GLAAD does is put out press releases complaining about TV and holding an awards banquet once a year (Money well spent there I tell ya!)

    But yes, I definitely agree with you about people’s priorities being misplaced because of ‘hating politics’

  • No-Obot

    Correction: “Hopefully they wont BECOME just another piggy bank for the party-girls in HRC and the do-nothing Democrats…”

  • Alexi3

    So, we are to criticize these guys for the WAY they are choosing to take a stand in support of something that doesn’t affect them personally. How often have you done this? How often have I been so brave. I will tell you that when I have mustered the courage to stand up for something in which I had no personal stake it has often cost be dearly in loss of income, loss of friends or at least in people I thought were my friends but I never had to live with the regret of standing by and remaining silent on an issue I knew to be wrong. I congratulate them on their convictions and their courage to act on those convictions. Why attack those who are on our side? They’re precious few of them to begin with who are actually willing to stick their necks out.

  • Dave


    Listen to (and read the lyrics of) their song One Foot…you might change your mind about them.

  • Keith

    I agree with Jase. GLADD and the HRC are total jokes and don’t do anything for LGBT people or get us equality oh but they’ll gladly take our cash for their fancy expensive dinners!

  • itsjustmejon

    @Keith – Have you heard about Jennifer Tyrell (the lesbian boy scout leader who was fired for being gay even though she had the full support of other scout parents)? If so, it is because GLAAD got her story in the media. I’m not saying they are perfect, but they do a lot more than put our press releases and hold fundraisers.

  • jeff4justice

    There are already too many LGBT groups and it sucks that most of them have 6-figure earning executive directors when that money could fund 4-5 decently paid field organizers.

    I’m better off funding myself independently as an activist than donating to any mega group.

  • jason

    Of course, every single male in the pop music industry is allowed to be only straight. No men are gay or bisexual – at least not publicly.

    That’s the type of industry we’re talking about.

  • jason

    The gay rights movement has become a total scam dominated by Gay Inc and a select group of highly paid bosses.

  • FreddyMertz

    @Jase: I completely agree.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    I listened to “We Are Young” for the first time today. It’s actually a great song, but there is one flaw: Why the hell did they even credit Janelle Monae as a featured artist on this track when all she does was 10 seconds of “take me home” over and over, and a barely audible 10 seconds at that? Ugh. Nonetheless, a great song.

  • Ben

    Listen to their song on the same album, “It Gets Better,” which is directed toward LGTBQ acceptance.

  • Erik

    If they care about the LGBTQ community, their reach and impact could probably be put to better causes than marriage equality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, but we have enough rich folk funding that fight.

  • J

    I’m sorry,but who the hell are they??? Never heard of them.

  • Jase

    @J: you’re dumb.

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