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Cher To Perform At New York Pride! We Can Hardly Believe It!

Cher-01Let’s just go ahead and proclaim June 18 as National Cher Day! In addition to today’s official release of her fantastic new single/summer anthem “Woman’s World,” which she will perform on NBC’s The Voice finale tonight, the incomparable entertainer has announced that on June 30…take a deep breath…she will perform a concert during New York Pride. Gay gasp!

The award-winning legend will perform her new single, as well as a selection of her older hits during the Dance on the Pier. The annual end-of-Pride concert traditionally attracts A-list icons to the stage, with Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and the late Whitney Houston having wowed New York Pride revelers in past years, but a performer of Cher’s stature is certainly in a league of her own.

“NYC Pride is thrilled to welcome Cher to the stage of this year’s Dance on the Pier,” says Chris Frederick, managing director of NYC Pride. “Her performance will be one of the most memorable in the history of this world-class party.” No kidding.

Cher’s still-untitled album is due September 24, but it’s available for pre-order today on Amazon, iTunes and Cher.com.


Cher just won’t stop giving today. The entertainer has just announced that she will participate in a 30 minute livestream chat that will be broadcast globally at new.livestream.com tonight around her appearance on The Voice. She plans to tweet throughout the evening so if you have a burning question for the superstar, send it ahead of time on Twitter using #CherLivestream or during the event using #AskCher.

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  • mattsy

    dont break a hip honey

  • Spike

    Woman’s World? Seriously? Just a little literal and I don’t see the gays jumping up and down on the dance floor singing . . . THIS IS A WOMEN’S WORLD and pumping their fists in the air – no matter who remixes it. Just don’t see it. Hopefully the rest of the album will be more inspiring.

  • Cyn

    @Spike: Really? Guess we go to different sorts of gay bars. ;)

  • michaelroy

    @mattsy: seriously?? save your tawdry comments for people who aren’t legendary award winning icons.

  • michaelroy

    @Spike: lol Spike. Cher will get EVERYONE to sing along to her song. Trust me!!

  • johnb123

    Now now fellow gays. Let us not be ageist. What would you have her do? Thank god she is still out and about and opinionated and political and smarter than you think and manages to record now and then. You should be doing so well at 67. I’m always amazed at how nasty gays can be. Oppressed people who face discrimination should think twice before discriminating against others.

  • Spike

    @michaelroy: Really, I don’t recall ever hearing Taxi Taxi playing at any of the clubs and everyone singing Taxi Taxi, give me a ride, I’m going to take you to the other side . . .LOL, btw, it was on the Believe album. Not all Cher’s songs are hits and anthems, in fact she has a lot of duds. My comment, was simply that I don’t expect Women’s World, to be a hit and particular not in the gay clubs. I have no doubt she will have at least one and probably 2 or 3 from the album that will be iconic and big hits.

  • Palto


    She has more energy and balls than you ‘ll ever have fattsy.

  • Jame

    Who let the old girl out of the nursing home?

  • Tone

    I wish I lived in NYC
    I wish I could *afford* to live in NYC!
    I wish I had tix to this! :D
    Rock on Cher, we love you hon!

  • LongIslandGayPhotos

    @Tone: Tone, I saw the Queerty headline about Cher much earlier, but did not have time to read nor comment at the time. I live in New York, 60 miles outside the City. I too wish I could afford to live in the City! More important, I wish I could afford where I actually live on Long Island ;-) I’m 63, and remember not being a fan of Sonny & Cher when I was a teen. But she has grown on me ;-) So, what irks me about this is that her performance will only be seen/heard by the “elite” who can afford tickets to this “Dance On The Pier”! So, while Cher is performing I’ll either be watching the fireworks from a friends condo or passing out on the Long Island Rail Road from an overlong day at the march itself.

  • James

    Oh come on now, the tickets are only $75, and they were $45 two weeks ago, so using the word “elite” is a bit of an overstatement. Plus Dance on the Pier is a fundraiser that makes all the other events of NYC Pride happen (the march, the rally, PrideFest, etc).

  • OutMaturity

    How very cool that she is performing in NY. Wish that I was there, would be so cool to see the legend again! I saw her in Atlanta with Cindy Lauper opening for her many years ago and was and is still a night to remember!!

    Have a great time New Yorkers, I am sure that you will!


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