Cherry Jones: Prop 8 Supporters ‘Will Be Ashamed of Themselves’


You don’t need a Tony Award-winning lesbian actress to tell you how shameful it is to support Prop 8. But when Cherry Jones speaks — and postulates that anyone who voted for the measure will come to regret it — we tend to listen up.

Jones, who’s currently starring on 24 as the president, tells Out in Hollywood: “I hope it will be repealed because I don’t think the majority should be allowed to take away the rights of the minority. I originally wanted the movement to be about civil unions, because to me, ‘marriage’ is more of a religious bond and civil union is about the state. But I now appreciate that they went for broke, and I do believe that in another four or five years, the majority of those who voted for Prop. 8 will be ashamed of themselves.”

But does Jones, who’s been with fellow actress Sarah Paulson for five years, ever want to get married? “Never. I’m not the marrying type. I was in an 18-year relationship (with architect Mary O’Connor) and we discussed it, but it wasn’t something we felt we needed to do. And in my current relationship with Sarah, we feel similarly about it.”

Photos: Splash News