Children’s Night Out Ruined By Explicit Gay Video; Mother Outraged

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.20.20 AMLook at these faces. Notice any glaring truths? Yes, you must see it. Their innocence has been shattered, their angelic purity stolen too soon. Too soon!

Here’s how it happened, though we still can’t figure out what’s stranger about the story — the circumstances or their mother’s reaction.

Jade Miller, 27, was enjoying a meal at Jimmy’s Restaurant in Southeast London with her three sons, when something truly unthinkable happened.

Alfie, 9, and Archie, 6 (pictured here looking like they ate something foul), went off to use the facilities and returned with some worrying news.

They reported back to Mama Jade that they’d seen “something bad” on the restaurant’s booking computer.

Jade did what any concerned parent would have done, and went to check it out, discovering to her horror that there was gay porn playing on the screen. Specifically, a video from a site called Meatspin featuring a man twirling his member around like a helicopter.

Natural cause for alarm? Sure, but Jade took the incident as a criminal act.

In her own words, she explained that, “I went over and had a look and there was gay porn on the screen and the kids were standing there laughing their heads off. I don’t think they understood what was going on.”

And that’s really the crux of it. They didn’t understand what was going on, and thought it was funny. She could have informed a manager what happened, and dropped it there. Her kids would have forgotten about the entire thing within an hour.

Instead, she called the cops, turning the situation into something much more difficult to explain to a child.

Gay Porn 3When the staff tried to turn off the computer, she insisted it remain on, even taking cell phone footage to prove what had happened.

The cops showed up, likely confusing her kids even more, and it was ultimately decided that the window had been a pop-up from a spam e-mail in the computer’s booking system.

Still, Jade wouldn’t drop it. “I feel absolutely sick regarding this matter. It wasn’t dealt with properly.”

Did she want someone to be led away in handcuffs? Would that have felt like proper closure? Made it any easier to explain to the kids?

Perhaps a few comped appetizers and an apology from the restaurant would have settled things much more tidily.