Chris Christie Bigger Man, Not Scapegoat, For Reaching Across Aisle

GOP pundits are blaming everyone and everything for Mitt Romney’s loss on Tuesday, except their own bankrupt and out-of-touch ideas. The latest scapegoat is Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who some conservatives say torpedoed Romney’s shot at the White House when he applauded President Obama’s support in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

We’ve had our problems with Christie, particularly his decision to veto a gay-marriage bill passed by the New Jersey Legislature,  but blaming him for Romney’s loss isn’t just wrong-headed, its a perfect example of why the GOP failed on Election Day.

The party has gone from taking a stand on its principles (horrid as they may be) to spiting the American people just to stick it to the left. They’ve refused to work with Democrats at every turn and now it seems the party would rather watch the people of New Jersey starve or freeze to death than accept a helping hand from the President.

And Christie certainly did his part for Romney, as he recently explained:

“If the President of the United States did something good, I’m going to say he did something good and give him credit for it. It doesn’t take away for a minute the fact that I was the first governor in America to endorse Mitt Romney, that I traveled literally tens of thousands of miles for him, raised tens of millions of dollars for him, and worked harder than any other surrogate in America other than Paul Ryan.”

Ironically, Christie is just what the Republicans need—a politician who is intellectually conservative, not blindly dogmatic. But there seems to be a blindness epidemic in the Grand Old Party.

We’ve long suspected Christie pulled a fast one on marriage equality—saying he wanted the people of New Jersey to vote on it—because he was jockeying for the vice presidency or a spot in a Romney cabinet. Now that it’s not gonna happen—and maybe he realizes he wouldn’t want it, anyway—lets hope Christie changes his tune.