Seattle Seahawks’ Chris Clemons: A Gay Player Coming Out Would Be “Selfish”

chris-clemonsNews that a gay NFL player is considering coming out of the closet — unsurprisingly — isn’t sitting well with some players: namely Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end Chris Clemons.

Clemons took to the Twitter to express his reservations — and no he’s not a homophobe, he assured no one:

One fan asked why he even cared and Clemons asserted the “logic” that the NFL is neither the time nor the place to be gay, since players had their chance before getting drafted:

Clemons later clarified that he thought it would be a rather “selfish act”:

Then when someone inevitably accused him of homophobia, Clemons begged his pardon:

So Clemons is clearly only thinking about the team and not expressing his personal views on homosexuality, right? Well, whatever, the point is: it’s a reaction like Clemons’ that prevents players from coming out in the first place and the real selfish act is denying LGBT youth a role model they can look up to.

Also, what does Clemons think an openly gay player will bring from his home exactly?

(h/t: CBS Sports)

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  • Dakotahgeo

    And who the hell is Chrissy Clemons??! and WHO CARES??! Another self-appointed high-and-mighty tur* who should take grammar lessons, to wit: It is not “something’s”… the proper words are “some things.” Another daycare dropout jock who can run!

  • Cam

    So his argument is that if you didn’t come out in High School you never can? And that it is selfish of that guy who might want to not have to hide his family/spouse/kids but that any straight guy can have a girlfriend, a wife etc…

    This guy is just another ignorant bigot…nove along sponsors and fans, nothing to see here.

  • Nikkidane

    I think this dude has had one too many concussions. Do the other NFL players hide the fact that they have wives, girlfriends, or dates. Seriously, this is an absurd double standard. I hope some professional athletes will grow some balls and have the courage to come out and say FU to all the players who can’t deal with it. Good Lord, this is 2013 not 1953.

  • rextrek

    I hope some professional athletes will grow some balls and have the courage to come out and say FU to all the players who can’t deal with it. Good Lord, this is 2013 not 1953.

    actually IF this was 1953 – Mr Clemons wouldnt be playin NFL football- he’d be CLEANING the LOCKER ROOM

  • rextrek

    actually IF this was 1953 – Mr Clemons wouldnt be playin NFL football- he’d be CLEANING the LOCKER ROOM

    see its always Assholes like him – whom NEVER had to actually FIGHT for HIS RIGHTS that he so easily TAKES for GRANTED..Pathetic really!

  • balehead

    The “douche of the week” already has a challenger for his title….

  • balehead

    Somebody give this closet-case some soy sauce already!….

  • Ken

    Football players aren’t exactly famous for being articulate. He’s apparently trying to say that coming out while in the NFL would be a publicity stunt, because whoever did it would attract more press attention to himself than his team would get. Football is a team sport, the team should come first. Whoever it is, didn’t just start being gay, so they should have either come out before they got in the NFL or keep it private so their team gets all the publicity.

    That’s not an invalid viewpoint.

  • Dionte

    Left at home? Does that mean no one can speak about their personal affections or just the LGBT people?

  • Ken

    I don’t think that the coming out is his issue, but drawing attention to oneself at the expense of the team.


    “Left at home.” What an ignorant way to close the discussion.

  • Kieran

    Clemons jus’ be tryin’ to keep it real. Real Dumb.

  • jackpapa

    @Ken: It depends on whether the team rallies around the player and supports him and shows that sexuality doesn’t matter on the field, ability does. Overt heterosexuality should not have pride of place over an out gay player. Any team that shows that equality is a team value will get all the publicity it needs.

  • ArthurTreacher

    Haven’t heard that old “selfish” chestnut in a while. Let’s just add it to the small numbers, child molester, gateway to polygamy, Christian discrimination, etc. etc. Next.

  • MickeyP.

    Look,if the player was a hero,on the field,scored big points for the team,then all attention would be on him and not the whole team. As far as a gay player goes,if he came out,and his team rallied around him,he would not just get the recognition,the WHOLE team would.

  • toronto416

    let’s look at how many blonde white girls this boy has banged during his football career and how many babies he’s created so far – i suppose that running strength in football will be great when you’re chased down for child support, since (well, just looking at you) odds are you’ll never be a real father to any of your multiple children with multiple white girls – if the us should ban anything it should these black parasites screwing white girls – each and every one of them does nothing but beat these girls up, uses her car, steals everything she’s got…and of course these girls get pregnant every time.

    too bad we can’t sterilize NFL players. they replicate like roaches.

  • Elmwoodmac

    He sure don’t write them tweets so well. Best keep off of the twitter or maybe hire a tweetist to do it for ya. Just sayin’.

  • RichieW

    I assume he takes his wife and children to at least some of the games. Maybe he should not be allowed to bring them as he is showing off which is what he is accusing gays of. Now, he is upset that the player did not out himself in high school. Do you think if this player had come out in high school that he would have been drafted? He says he is not a homophobe. Bullshit. Based upon his tweets I assume that he given gradis a high school diploma and college degree. He certainly would not have passed any english course I attended.

  • Seattleguy

    So far having Obama, Kayne West, and Jay-Z being pro Gay rights has not been enough to sway the seeming preponderance of anti Gay feeling among Black players in professional sports that the media is sending us. Look at the SF debacle recently 4 Black anti-Gay statements from the team. Black kids are looking to their sports idols for proper masculine attitudes and so far they aren’t seeing a good example set for them.Remember it was largely the anti gay votes by Blacks in CA that swayed the Prop 8 vote there. I don’t know what the answer is. Obama is firmly in our camp, but he waited till his second term to cement his support. I think GLAD should make a concerted effort to get Black sports figures to come out in favor of GLBT rights. I encounter pro Gay attitudes in Blacks I know here in liberal Seattle, but this bigot on our team could be from anywhere.

  • alexoloughlin

    So the thinks “something’s” should be left at home? How on earth did he graduate high school with such a poor level of English? Well then Mr. Clemons, perhaps all you hetero homophobes should desist from discussing your wives and girlfriends and take down all those nude pictures in your locker room reflecting your sexual orientation. After all, some things should be left at home including one’s sexual orientation. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, you brainless twit.

  • alexoloughlin

    @alexoloughlin: …So he thinks….

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