Seattle Seahawks’ Chris Clemons: A Gay Player Coming Out Would Be “Selfish”

chris-clemonsNews that a gay NFL player is considering coming out of the closet — unsurprisingly — isn’t sitting well with some players: namely Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end Chris Clemons.

Clemons took to the Twitter to express his reservations — and no he’s not a homophobe, he assured no one:

One fan asked why he even cared and Clemons asserted the “logic” that the NFL is neither the time nor the place to be gay, since players had their chance before getting drafted:

Clemons later clarified that he thought it would be a rather “selfish act”:

Then when someone inevitably accused him of homophobia, Clemons begged his pardon:

So Clemons is clearly only thinking about the team and not expressing his personal views on homosexuality, right? Well, whatever, the point is: it’s a reaction like Clemons’ that prevents players from coming out in the first place and the real selfish act is denying LGBT youth a role model they can look up to.

Also, what does Clemons think an openly gay player will bring from his home exactly?

(h/t: CBS Sports)

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