Chris Crain Stepping Down From Blade


The Washington Blade‘s long time editor, Chris Crain (pictured), is stepping down. It seems he’s chosen love over money to be with his boyfriend in Brazil. His boyfriend, of course, can’t get citizenship here in The States.
With his departure, managing editor, Kevin Naff, will take over under new publisher, Jake Spencer. With Naff in the lead and two open editorial positions (news editor and soon the features editor position, which will be abandoned by Brian Moylan at the end of the month), now’s the time for all DC-based homo-journos to start prepping their resumes. You’ll probably want to know that The Washington Blade is owned by Window Media, which also publishes a slew of other gay weeklies, including David and 411, as well as owns a large (and often unspoken) share of HX Media, which publishes HX Magazine and The New York Blade.
Oh what an incestuous gay publishing world.

“Blade Editor To Leave Paper, US; Publisher Starts” [The Washington Blade]