Chris Crocker: “Britney, Leave The Stage Alone!”


The honeymoon is over between Chris Crocker and Britney Spears. Although the “Leave Britney Alone” YouTube star famously stood up for her in his 2007 world debut, he’s now saying, “I don’t know is she is on medication or if that’s affecting her… I just know it’s hard to watch.” Oh yeah, Chris? And what else?

“I kept it real when I told the world to leave Britney alone and I’m keeping it real when I’m telling Britney she needs to leave the stage alone… She doesn’t look happy onstage. That’s not me criticizing her as a person. That’s me criticizing her as a performer…

It’s not being hypocritical just because I’m being honest about her performances. When I defended her in 2007 I was defending the attacks on her as a mother and as a person. She looked suicidal in 2007 and she needed someone to stick up for her. Don’t you ever tell me that I’m being a hypocritic just because I’m telling you that her performance last night sucked. OK?!!”

He adds that all of her performances during the Cirus era were “low-energy at best” and that nothing Britney is doing right now is anything anyone else can’t do. Does this mean we can expect more videos of him talking about butches versus femmes?

Via Towleroad

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  • Red Meat

    He is right, that shit on billboard was so pathetic lmao. She was hopping and flapping on her whole 20 seconds of performance. The lip syncing was horrible too, it didn’t even look real.

  • zacht

    wow he really grew up nicely. lookin good, chris.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Yeah, what zacht said. Mr. Crocker was a cute twink, now he’s a good looking young man.

  • Zeus

    I wonder why he decided to undergo the change from basically a cross dresser to a regular looking guy.

  • Sasha

    He’s such a little tool.

  • sam

    Say what you will about Mr Crocker and his obvious persona (anybody who thinks some of the stuff he’s come out with on his videos is “real” needs to get a reality check), but the boy/man has a point about Ms Spears.

    The woman doesn’t care anymore and has said as much herself. Let her be a mom.

    (And furthermore, how can anyone call him a hypocrite >_O that was yearrrrrs ago. The guy’s not allowed to change his opinion?)

  • KyCUBE

    My god. He’s so much more attractive now.

  • Jacolynne

    I AGREE!! You are sooooo right; you are not a hypocritic. Somebody needed to stand up and say this. Same as you did it before…..I think that she just wants to get this last record deal done with Jive and maybe, she will become a happy Mommy at home. What was with the 45 seconds of Til the World Ends she did with Nicki….WTF??!!

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